Azuki Throws Epic Party, Airdrops Soulbound Tokens & More!

Azuki offered its latest soulbound token airdrop during a big party when the project announced its ‘Elementals’ presale on June 27th. Let’s take a look at what went down at the Azuki party.


  • Azuki NFT holders received a special airdrop of soulbound tokens (SBT) that can’t be traded, to commemorate their time in the Garden.
  • The project has announced an upcoming presale for the new NFT drop ‘Elementals,’ and Azuki and BEANZ holders are already whitelisted for the presale, which starts on June 27th.
  • Azuki is a successful anime NFT project that has introduced innovations like the Hilumia metaverse and ongoing challenges, making it a pioneer in the anime NFT niche.
image of various characters from the azuki NFT project

Azuki and BEANZ NFT holders received a surprise airdrop as the project announced its upcoming Elementals presale.

Why Did Azuki NFT Holders Get a Soulbound Token Airdrop?

The Azuki NFT community members had a great weekend start as they received a special airdrop. Accordingly, all Azuki holders got soulbound tokens (SBT). Soulbound tokens are NFTs you can’t trade, which means they have the same owner forever.

The Azuki SBT celebrates the time in the Garden as part of this year’s Follow The Rabbit event. Holders from the BEANZ NFT collection received the same airdrop too.

In addition, the project announced its upcoming presale for the new NFT drop ‘Elementals’. Once again, Azuki and BEANZ NFT holders are already whitelisted for the presale to get the best shot at minting.

The launch will begin on June 27th at 9 am PT with 20,000 pieces available on the Azuki platform, so get your digital wallets ready!

image of an Azuki soulbound token on a red background

Azuki surprised its holders with a soulbound token airdrop this weekend.

Why is this Drop so Important?

Azuki is one of the most successful anime NFT projects to date. This year alone, the group revealed its new Hilumia metaverse. In addition, its ‘Follow The Rabbit’ challenge took place in Las Vegas. Earlier this month, Azuki also offered surprise rewards for the SpiritDAO.

In other words, the project is just as active today as it was two years ago when it first launched. The founder, nicknamed Zagabond created Azuki in September 2021, which made it a pioneer in the anime NFT niche.

Considering how much it has innovated the anime NFT market, Azuki is worth keeping an eye on for any new launch.

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