From Pixels to Pages: Yuga Labs and Zak Group Collaborate on Book Exploring CryptoPunks

Yuga Labs’ CryptoPunks NFT collection will launch its own physical book in partnership with Zak Group this fall.


  • Yuga Labs is launching a book about CryptoPunks, detailing the history, founders, and collectibles of the iconic NFT project.
  • The book will reveal secrets about the project development and the founders’ journey.
  • Zak Group, a design office, will curate and present the detailed information in the book for a unique reading experience, with pre-sale starting in fall 2023.
image of six CryptoPunks owned by Yuga Labs

This fall, Yuga Labs will open pre-sales for an exclusive book about CryptoPunks.

What is the Yuga Labs’ CryptoPunks Book?

The leading web3 company Yuga Labs has just announced its latest CryptoPunks project – and it’s not what anybody expects! Accordingly, the giant brand will launch a book about CryptoPunks, from the first pixels to the influence and popularity it has amassed by 2023.

According to Yuga Labs, the product will reveal untold details about the project’s founders and the overall progress of CryptoPunks throughout the years. The authors also go into detail about each collectible, from trait combinations to the iconic pixelated design.

“CryptoPunks is an iconic collection that has transcended crypto into the broader culture. This book is a catalog of that rich history, in the highest quality rendering, that we hope will serve as a source of inspiration for the Punks community and beyond,” said Yuga Labs’ co-founder Greg Solano.

image of a woman looking at five CryptoPunks NFTs from Sotheby's

CrypoPunks is one of the most successful NFT collections of all time, with works auctioned off by Sotheby’s.

Why is this Book Launch so Important?

To begin with, CryptoPunks is one of the first NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. It was founded in 2017 by Larva Labs’ John Watkinson and Matt Hall, but it wasn’t until 2021 that it exploded in popularity. In a historical move made in 2022, the web3 leading company Yuga Labs purchased the collection along with another NFT project, Meebits.

Today, CryptoPunks is in the top ten most popular (and expensive) projects of all time. Some of its NFTs sold for tens of millions of dollars. Further, their pixelated design influenced thousands of digital creators worldwide.

In other words, this collection shaped the evolution of the NFT market. Having a book that carefully documents this journey helps content creators, investors, and the general public understand the industry and why CryptoPunks is still relevant today.

How is Zak Group Involved in the CryptoPunks Book?

Zak Group is a design office helping brands to create and follow a new creative direction. The London-based group previously worked with brands such as Nike, Def Jam Recordings, and RIMOWA.

Accordingly, the company will manage the highly-detailed information about CryptoPunks and shape it for a unique reading experience.

The CryptoPunks book will start its pre-sale under the Yuga Labs umbrella in the fall of 2023. The official launch will happen next winter.

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