Own A Piece Of Music History With Gala Music’s David Bowie Inspired NFTs

Gala Music, a global leader in Web3 music, joins forces with multi-platinum producer Larry Dvoskin to create an exclusive series of David Bowie inspired digital NFT collectibles for fans worldwide. The collection features first-time access to a never-before-heard version of Bowie’s 1983 hit “Let’s Dance”. The release takes place on April 14th, marking the 40th anniversary of the song and album. It also pays tribute to the legendary icon that changed pop culture with his unique artistic expression.

an image of David Bowie, who's NFTs are set to leave an impact for years to come

David Bowie NFTs By Gala Music & Larry Dvoskin: About the Collection

The “Let’s Dance” digital collectibles are only available for a limited time. This collection offers Bowie enthusiasts the opportunity to own exclusive Bowie-inspired art. Fans can either keep the digital memorabilia or trade it on the secondary market for additional rewards. The initial proceeds from the sale of these collectibles is donated to MusiCares®. To clarify, MusiCares is a leading music charity that provides health and human services to the music community.

Gala Music launches 3,003 David Bowie NFTs on April 14th. These grant access to an unheard version of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” produced by Larry Dvoskin in 2002. The release also coincides with the 40th anniversary of the song’s debut, and each NFT will also include Bowie-inspired artwork.

David Bowie was an artist known for his innovative spirit, pushing boundaries and setting trends with every new artistic endeavor. The Let’s Dance Collectors Edition is a fitting tribute to Bowie’s ethos. It also leverages Gala Music’s blockchain-enabled platform to bring his vision to new heights through cutting-edge technology. The Dvoskin-produced track, recorded 19 years after the original song, offers a refreshing new take on the classic hit, thanks to Bowie and Dvoskin’s collaboration.

More About Gala Music

Through Dvoskin’s Bowie digital collection, Warner-Chappell, the track’s publisher, also makes its first entirely native NFT agreement. This cements its position as a leader in the emerging Web3 space.

Gala Music revolutionizes the music industry via web3. It introduces a decentralized platform that offers a more interactive and rewarding experience for both artists and fans. This platform, powered by blockchain technology, aims to level the playing field for music artists. It also enriches the relationship between musicians and fans. By providing access, engagement, and rewards, Gala Music is transforming music from a low-valued, streamed commodity into a unique and valuable experience.

On March 29th, Gala Music launched its new platform, offering artists the freedom to create on the blockchain while providing an exciting reward-generating experience for fans. The company is committed to providing artists with a platform to share their music as they see fit, furthering Bowie’s legacy of innovation in the music industry.

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