Futureverse Takes A Quantum Leap in Text-to-Music AI with JEN 1

Logo of Futureverse, revolutionizing music AI

Futureverse, a pioneering force in AI and metaverse technology, introduces a groundbreaking leap in the realm of music AI with the debut of JEN 1. JEN 1 is an unparalleled universal high-fidelity model designed for text-to-music generation.

The unveiling of this revolutionary technology signifies a monumental achievement in the face of the intricate challenges that have long plagued the creation of lifelike, high-quality music.


  • Futureverse introduces JEN 1, an unprecedented AI model for text-to-music generation, advancing the quality of music AI significantly.
  • JEN 1 outperforms previous benchmarks (e.g., Google’s MusicLM, Facebook’s MusicGen), with superior music quality.
  • Futureverse’s visionary Co-Founders, Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, also bring their extensive experience to revolutionize the music industry.

Logo of Futureverse, revolutionizing music AI

Futureverse & The Frontiers Of AI Music

The quest for generating authentic and top-tier AI music has remained an intricate puzzle. In its latest research paper, Futureverse presents two key solutions. On top of an exceptionally efficient approach it also demonstrates superior output quality with JEN 1. Even when compared to previously acclaimed benchmarks, such as Google’s MusicLM and Facebook’s MusicGen.

The comprehensive research paper titled “JEN 1: TEXT-GUIDED UNIVERSAL MUSIC GENERATION WITH OMNIDIRECTIONAL DIFFUSION MODELS“. This paper is authored by the brilliant minds of Futureverse’s Altered State Machine innovation team. This includes Dr. Alex Wang, Patrick Li, Boyu Chen, Yao Yao, Allen Wang, and Yikai Wang, and delves into the intricacies of sound. It also highlights the wide frequency spectrum that music encompasses, ranging from low to high pitches.

A stark contrast to speech, which operates within a more limited range. Moreover, this complexity necessitates higher sampling rates (41.1kHz) compared to linguistic content (16kHz). It thus captures the nuanced details, leading to increased data processing requirements during training. The impact of subpar audio quality on the output cannot be ignored. Moreover, the intricate interplay of multiple instruments and complex melodic arrangements demands new training objectives.

JEN 1 has undergone extensive scrutiny, pitted against state-of-the-art baselines, with objective metrics assessed both computationally and through the discerning ears of an advisory board comprising revered figures from the music industry, soon to be unveiled. The results speak volumes: JEN 1 delivers music of perceptually superior quality (rated at 85.7 out of 100) compared to the current premier methods (scoring 83.8 out of 100). Futureverse has also released a series of early audio demos showcasing JEN 1’s remarkable capabilities.

More On JEN 1

Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, the visionary Co-Founders of Futureverse, express their immense pride in the strides made in the realm of music AI. They remark, “Human sensitivity to musical dissonance demands high precision in music generation. We have devoted two years to this endeavor, and we are thrilled to unveil our team’s significant progress, a development poised to empower creators and reshape the music industry.

Shara Senderoff, a music technology luminary, co-founded “Raised In Space” with industry giant Scooter Braun. This company excels in music copyrights and royalties through blockchain and web3. This earns her a rightful spot at Billboard’s “40 Under 40,” “Women in Music,” and Rolling Stone’s “Future 25.” Aaron McDonald, with extensive technology experience, leads Futureverse, empowering developers and users, bridging the metaverse divide. Their six-year journey in web3 and blockchain highlights their innovation commitment. The introduction of JEN 1 marks Futureverse’s foray into text-to-music generation. This tech offers a wide range of quality outputs. This includes high-fidelity audio, computational efficiency, and a wave of exciting announcements, propelling the era of music AI into a dynamic new phase!

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