Grimes Strikes Gold as NFT Sales Outshine Music Earnings

Grimes’ NFT collection now surpasses her entire earnings from her music career amassing approximately $6 million. This success, however, is tinged with sadness for Grimes. She expresses concern about the rapid commercialization of the NFT and crypto space by individuals primarily driven by monetary gains. The double-edged sword of web3 music takes no prisoners, we suppose. Here’s all you need to know.


  • Grimes’ NFT collection outpaces her music career earnings, reaching $6 million.
  • Concerns arise over NFT commercialization driven by financial motives.
  • NFT market faces low trading volumes, reduced royalties, and impacts from broader crypto industry fluctuations.

grimes NFT collection

How Grimes NFT Collection Topped Her Career Income

In 2021, Grimes embarked on the creation of her captivating “War Nymph” NFT collection, introducing a series of digital artworks seamlessly synchronized with her music. The crown jewel of the collection was a unique music video. This is a one-of-a-kind piece, fetching nearly $400,000. Intriguingly, the inception of this groundbreaking project was attributed to the creative spark of her brother.

Going beyond the realm of NFTs, the visionary Canadian artist is an enthusiastic supporter of Web3 technology. In March 2022, she shared her ambitious vision at the Avalanche Summit in Spain, disclosing her plan to craft a metaverse children’s book with the backing of Web3 artificial intelligence platform OP3N and utilizing the resources from Avalanche’s impressive $100 million fund dedicated to network development.

Meanwhile, the NFT market has encountered significant turbulence. With strikingly low trading volumes and a steep decline in floor prices. This challenging environment has generated tensions between traders and creators of digital collectibles, primarily stemming from disputes over royalties.

The Aftermath Of The Bear Market

Major NFT exchanges, including Blur and OpenSea, opted to reduce royalty rates paid to artists during ownership changes, aiming to stimulate buying and selling in a market that has witnessed an astounding 95% plunge in trading volumes from the peak of $17 billion in January 2022.

The consequence of this move is evident in the dwindling artist income from royalties. What once reached a zenith of $269 million in January has now dwindled to a mere $4.3 million in July. This, with royalty rates plummeting from a substantial 5% per transaction to a modest 0.6%. This sharp decrease in earnings could potentially hinder the creation of new artworks. This in turn contributes to the market’s sluggishness in a time when it already faces significant challenges.

The NFT market, which also enjoyed a prosperous period from August 2021 to May 2022, has been influenced by the broader crypto industry’s fluctuations and market downturns. Therefore, this lead to some high-profile collapses that have inevitably impacted the NFT landscape. Amidst these complexities, Grimes’ remarkable success in the NFT space serves as a beacon of both inspiration and caution. This finally underscores the potential and challenges present in this innovative realm.

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