Givenchy and (b).STROY Drop a Streetwear Capsule With NFTs!

image of black jacket from Givenchy capsule NFT collection.

Givenchy, the iconic french fashion company, has created a physical capsule collection with accompanying limited edition NFTs in collaboration with streetwear brand (b).STROY. The unique collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, varsity jackets, statement bags, and footwear for men and women.

Web3 artist collective Felt Zine created unique NFTs to accompany the Givenchy x (b).STROY physical items that represent the items in digital form. You can buy these items right now, and there are six different NFTs to choose from, which are attached to six products. Furthermore, there are 360 Ethereum NFTs, and prices range from €150 to €5,500.

image of black jacket from Givenchy capsule NFT collection.

Givenchy and (b).STROY have released a phygital NFT capsule collection.

Givenchy NFTs come with excellent capsule fashion items

Designed by Givenchy Creative Director Mathew. M Williams and (b).STROY co-founders Brick Owens and Dieter “Du” Grams, this is a unique fashion phygital collection. What’s more, it highlights how NFTs and web3 technology blend seamlessly into the real world of the fashion industry. 

Collaborating with web3 native company Felt Zine to create the Givency capsule NFTs also proves that the company is taking web3 seriously and the people in the space. The capsule project also uses This drop Aura Blockchain Consortium’s NFT solution and technology to make the project possible. 

“Brick and Du are longtime friends who share my vision of fashion as an inclusive space for experimentation and expressing personal style. Together, the three of us focused on creating streetwear with unexpected treatments that resonates beyond fashion and enters the realm of contemporary art on the street and in Web3,” said Givenchy Creative Director Matthew M. Williams.

The future of fashion

The Givenchy capsule drop and the accompanying NFTs use the future as inspiration. Therefore, the fashion items are a blend of streetwear essentials for men and women. The project uses layers of colors, embroideries, and experimental treatments. Moreover, it offers both Givenchy and (b). STROY communities a meaningful message.

Each of the six fashion NFTs corresponds with six Givenchy x (b).STROY products. Also, there is no additional cost for the accompanying NFTs. Finally, the collection is available to USA and EU customers online and in-store.

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