Virtua Introduces Fierce Godzilla vs Kong NFTs

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Virtua is celebrating the launch of the terrifying Monster Zone on Virtua Island by releasing a set of officially licensed digital collectibles of the biggest and baddest creatures ever seen on screen! We are referring to Godzilla vs Kong, of course. Here is how you can lay your hands on one of these bad boys.

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Virtua brings Godzilla vs Kong to the NFT space.

About the Godzilla vs Kong NFTs

This exclusive, unique, and previously unreleased legacy NFT collection will use a random mint (blind box) process. It will showcase the most iconic monsters from the blockbuster movie Godzilla vs Kong, featuring official 3D models and animations licensed by Legendary. These include Kong, Godzilla and Warbat Nazuki.

The owners of any Virtua Gen1 (Ethereum) or Gen2 (Polygon) GvK collectible are eligible and whitelisted for the Godzilla vs Kong Legacy NFT Collection Presale, with a presale price of 0.08 ETH. However, if you do not own any of these collectibles, you can still own a Godzilla vs Kong legacy NFT. This is because the open sale kicks off at 18:00 UTC on November 19, with a mint price of 0.1 ETH.

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Check out this sneak peek of the perks you can expect

What are some of the holder benefits?

Minters of at least 5 NFTs from this collection will receive a free condo in the Monster Zone. Additionally, NFT Holders will receive access to the “NFT holders only” Monster Zone Discord Channel in the Virtua Server, as well as a dedicated Discord role. What’s more, they will receive 25 percent of monthly fees collected on the secondary market (from Godzilla vs. Kong Legacy NFT Collection transactions) in the form of $TVK tokens.

Holders of all 10 different creatures at the time of the snapshot will receive a free Large Land Plot in Monster Zone. More perks include being on the whitelist for the presale of Monster Zone Land on Virtua Island, and access to the Beta test of the Monster Zone.

About Virtua

Founded in 2017, Virtua is a gamified metaverse – which provides immersive social, Web3 gaming, digital collectible and interactive experiences, through its curated marketplace, interactive virtual environments and exclusive brand partnerships.