Grimace PFPs: McDonald’s Offers Free Exclusive Grimace NFTs

McDonald's grimace nfts

McDonald’s has given us a beautiful gift for Grimace lovers – NFTs! Following the buzz around Grimace Shakes that set TikTok abuzz, the fast-food giant is launching a giveaway of limited-edition NFT profile pictures (PFPs) featuring the lovable purple monster. However, there is a catch – these NFTs cannot be traded once minted. Plus, this innovative move is set to take place exclusively in Singapore.


  • McDonald’s releases limited-edition Grimace PFPs
  • The NFTs are only available in Singapore
  • The McDonald’s NFTs are soulbound tokens
McDonald's grimace nfts

IMG Credit: McDonald’s Singapore

It’s Grimace Season with Free McDonald’s NFTs!

Starting from August 21, McDonald’s regional arm will offer a total of 2,000 unique NFT collectibles. Each of these portrays Grimace with different expressions and accessories. Therefore, each NFT is a one-of-a-kind item. The NFTs are completely free to claim, but they will only be accessible through the McDonald’s mobile app in Singapore.

To mint the NFTs, you must connect your wallet to the Ethereum mainnet. Additionally, the NFTs are  “soulbound” tokens, meaning that you cannot transfer them. As a result, secondary sales are not possible, ensuring that these NFTs remain as cherished mementos for McDonald’s customers.

Drina Chee, Senior Director of Marketing & Digital Customer Experience at McDonald’s Singapore, expressed excitement about connecting Grimace with fans through these distinctive digital collectibles. McDonald’s has ventured into the crypto world before. The fast food giant has a playable world in the metaverse game The Sandbox in Hong Kong. Further, McDonald’s released NFTs of the McRib sandwich in the U.S.

Finally, the company’s willingness to experiment with NFTs showcases how it continues to engage with its audience in creative and innovative ways. Is there a future in which Happy Meal toys are NFTs?

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