Countdown to Mech Mint: Wreck League’s Epic Event Tomorrow at 12 PM EST!

screenshot from Wreck League comic

Gamers, get ready, as Wreck League’s Mech Mint is just around the corner! Animoca Brands and nWayPlay are gearing up for the highly anticipated Wreck League Mech Mint. Here’s all you need to know.


  • Have ApeCoin in your wallet in order to mint, and ETH to cover gas fees
  • Mint kicks off at 12pm, but allow listed wallets can access the waiting room at 11.30am
  • 25k majestic boxes are available from 150 $APE each

screenshot from Wreck League comic


How to Join Wreck League’s Mech Mint

Firstly, it is important to know that you can only purchase boxes in the Wreck League Genesis Mint using ApeCoin. So, ensure that you have ApeCoin in your minting wallet. Plus, you will also need some ETH in your wallet in order to cover any gas fees during the Genesis Mint.

If you’re eager to join in on the action, make sure you’re prepared for the timing. The Mint will kick off at 12 P.M. EST, but there’s a crucial step before that. At 11:30 A.M. EST, those with Wreck League Allow Listed wallets will receive an exclusive invitation to the mint’s waiting room, setting the stage for the exciting event.

Wreck League advises participants not to refresh the page or close their browsers once they’re in the waiting room. This precaution is in place to prevent any potential issues with gas fees due to high traffic. The waiting room will also keep you informed about when it’s your turn to buy, giving you an approximate idea of the time needed. With over 200,000 wallets having submitted their KYCs for the Wreck League mint, competition is expected to be fierce! So, arrive early and secure your place in the pre-mint queue.

As the mint officially begins at 12 P.M. EST, Animoca Brands and nWayPlay will offer an array of exciting options for participants. They will be selling 25,000 Majestic Boxes for 150 $Ape each. These boxes contain 10 essential pieces that players need to construct their mechs. Additionally, there will be 5,000 Booster Boxes available for 50 $Ape each, containing five random pieces that players can use to customize their mechs to their liking.
During the mint, each Wreck Leaguer can make a single purchase during their allocated turn.

The boxes will be revealed on August 24th. Then, the game launches officially on September 14th. So, get ready to embark on an adventure with Wreck League’s Mech Mint and build your ultimate mech collection!

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