Join the Fight for Survival With The Walking Dead Empires on Blockchain

A picture of Gala Games The Walking Dead Empires Poster, with a Zombie avatar in the poster

Gala Games’ “The Walking Dead: Empires” (TWDE), an innovative blockchain-based survival game set in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” universe, is gearing up to deliver a thrilling post-apocalyptic adventure for PC gamers. Here’s all you need to know about this latest blockchain thriller!


  1. “The Walking Dead: Empires” introduces a blockchain-based zombie survival game in AMC’s universe, merging NFTs with MMORPG mechanics.
  2. Players navigate a post-apocalyptic world, battling undead and crafting essentials, while unique NFTs hold real-world value.
  3. Amidst a wave of zombie-themed blockchain games, TWDE offers an immersive experience where players own their in-game assets.

A picture of Gala Games The Walking Dead Empires Poster, with a Zombie avatar in the poster

Gala Games’ The Walking Dead Empires – A Deep Dive

In a digital post-zombie-apocalyptic America, players have to thrive in the harsh, undead-infested terrain. Fending off threats means embracing strategic gameplay. This includes combatting zombies for essentials like food, crafting weapons, and securing bases from potential threats.

Developed by Ember Entertainment and forming part of the renowned Web3 platform Gala Games’ portfolio, TWDE is not just your typical survival game. It’s a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that incorporates the power of NFTs. These tokens grant players ownership of in-game assets like characters, weapons, and health kits, giving them inherent value both in the game and in secondary markets.

TWDE’s journey to its full release in 2023 started with a pre-alpha event in August 2022, offering a sneak peek into the game’s mechanics. Following this, a public playtest was held in March 2023, revealing new gameplay features and landscapes. Although an official playtest date hasn’t been announced yet, the developers affirm the game’s full launch this year.

More than Just Survival

Unlike other zombie-themed survival games, TWDE isn’t merely about jump scares and action sequences. Feedback from playtests suggests a deeper experience that caters to RPG enthusiasts. Players can explore the expansive world, gather resources, and nurture their talents and NFTs, with action sequences punctuating the experience.

Gala Games Walking Dead Empires Gameplay

The game presents two core gameplay modes: player-vs-environment (PvE) and player-vs-player (PvP). PvE centers on surviving the undead and environmental challenges, while PvP offers zones where player battles become not only possible but necessary.

NFTs drive TWDE’s unique gaming dynamics. These digital assets are on the Ethereum blockchain and offer holders in-game benefits. The NFT collection has generated over 1,396 ETH (approximately $2.3 million) in sales, reflecting the community’s enthusiasm.

In TWDE, characters, known as Heroes, are represented by NFTs with varying degrees of rarity and value. Similarly, players can own plots of land, enhanced by their Heroes’ improvements, providing a secure hub for allies.

Crafting is Crucial Crafting NFTs are essential for survival, allowing players to create gear, weapons, and supplies. These in-game assets can be vital in battles and strategy.

A Blooming Zombie-Blockchain Genre

While TWDE stands out as a pioneering title in the intersection of blockchain technology and zombie-apocalypse narratives, other games like “Undead Blocks” and “Last Remains” are exploring similar territory. These games also incorporate NFTs and crypto within their immersive gameplay, catering to diverse audiences with distinct gameplay styles.

As “The Walking Dead: Empires” readies for its full launch, it embodies the evolving landscape of gaming, where blockchain’s potential is harnessed to create dynamic, immersive, and player-centric experiences. Amidst the rise of zombie-inspired blockchain games, each title offers a unique twist on the undead narrative while embracing the power of decentralized technology.

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