Ready, Set, Hunt! DeFi Kingdoms Introduces ‘Mad Boar’ Challenge

screenshot of DeFi Kingdoms new game

DeFi Kingdoms, the online gaming platform, has unveiled an exciting new feature known as “Void Hunt: Mad Boar.” This addition introduces a Player vs. Environment (PvE) experience within the game. Within this game, heroes can engage in thrilling hunts, overcome challenges, and reap exclusive rewards, including the enigmatic Void Shards. So, let’s take a closer look!


  • DeFi Kingdoms Unveils ‘Void Hunt: Mad Boar’ – A New PvE Adventure
  • Players can embark on a quest to hunt down the ‘mad boar’
  • Players can win in-game items and XP

screenshot of DeFi Kingdoms new game

What is DeFi Kingdoms “Mad Boar”?

DeFi Kingdoms, known for its diverse gameplay options encompassing trading and challenges, expands its offerings with the introduction of the “Mad Boar” hunting quest. Now, players can embark on a quest to hunt down the elusive “Mad Boar” creature. Plus, they can also earn coveted in-game rewards!

The “Mad Boar” creature has been spotted in specific areas of the game, therefore prompting players to assemble teams of three heroes and set out on the hunt. To participate, each group is required to pay 10 CRYSTAL and 1,000 Gold. Additionally, a nominal stamina cost of 25 Stamina per hero is necessary to engage in the hunt. However, if unsuccessful on the first attempt, players have the chance to make a subsequent attempt at a reduced cost.

What Can You Win in “Mad Boar”?

Triumphant hunts bring substantial rewards to the players’ doorstep. Players not only gain experience points to level up within the game but also stand a chance to acquire unique in-game items. Among these sought-after items, the “Void Shard” has captured the attention of the player community due to its potential significance in upcoming game events. However, to ensure equilibrium in the gameplay, participants can only hunt for the Mad Boar once every 24 hours.

To enhance the players’ odds of success, DeFi Kingdoms is releasing new equipment tailored for the quest. While precise details about this equipment remain a mystery, players are eagerly awaiting further revelations.
Additionally, players can anticipate the imminent introduction of an “Amulet,” an item designed to provide strategic advantages during quests. The specifics of how these Amulets will be distributed remain undisclosed, promising an element of surprise for players.

As DeFi Kingdoms continues to evolve and expand, players can look forward to more updates and challenges on the horizon, ensuring a dynamic and immersive gaming journey.

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