Mugshot Magic: Ex-President Trump’s Mugshot Raises NFT Floor Price

picture of the Donald Trump Mugshot and tweet

Donald Trump’s Mugshot is all over the internet this week! Former President of the United States reemerged on the digital scene via platform X (formerly Twitter) after a hiatus since January 2021. His reappearance, featuring a mugshot, has sparked a meme spree and propelled Trump’s NFT collection’s value.


  1. Former US President reemerges on X with a mugshot, igniting meme frenzy and propelling his NFT collection’s value.
  2. Trump’s NFT cards surge by 62% following legal case image release, coinciding with his digital comeback.
  3. Amidst 2024 election dynamics, Trump’s reentry sparks crypto and political conversations, while DeSantis vows against central bank digital currencies.

picture of the Donald Trump Mugshot and tweet

Donald Trump Mugshot Moons His NFT Collection!

This surge followed the release of an image linked to his legal case in Georgia, where he faces allegations related to the 2020 election. The OpenSea NFT marketplace data indicates a significant jump in his NFT trading card collection’s minimum price, surging by over 62% from 0.138 to 0.224 Ether (ETH) or $1,654 on August 24. This coincided with the release of his mugshot, showcasing his steadfast demeanor during his surrender.

Trump’s online appearance on August 24 marked his first digital foray since his suspension from X. His appearance and release on a $200,000 bond were not without their legal challenges. This includes federal charges in Washington D.C. and a New York criminal case related to a payment to Stormy Daniels.

Despite past skepticism about cryptocurrencies, it emerged that Trump held over $2.8 million in an Ethereum wallet. His digital reentry aligns with President Biden’s regulatory push for digital assets. X users quickly transformed his mugshot into memes, highlighting his return.

Though a major contender for the Republican Party’s 2024 nomination, Trump abstained from the party’s initial debate on August 23. Fellow candidate Ron DeSantis vowed to outlaw central bank digital currencies if elected. The upcoming 2024 election, characterized as a “referendum on fiat currency,” promises to shape the future of digital assets in politics.

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