Join Copenhagen Fashion Week in the Metaverse!

3 avatars for Copenhagen fashion week

Metaverse fashion comes to Scandinavia! Copenhagen Fashion Week, the premier fashion event in Scandinavia, has partnered with luxury mobile style game Drest to enhance its programming with digital elements. Starting Monday, August 8th and running through Saturday, August 12th, fans of Copenhagen Fashion Week can style avatars and create streetwear outfits in Drest through a series of daily in-game challenges. Here’s what you can expect from CFV 2023!


  • Copenhagen Fashion Week collaborates with Drest for metaverse fashion challenges.
  • Drest raised $19.1 million to explore Web3 potential with luxury brands.
  • Drest plans to introduce new metaverse features and customizable avatars.

3 avatars for Copenhagen fashion week showing metaverse fashion

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Metaverse Fashion Madness Hits 2023 Peak!

The collaboration aims to capture the energy of Copenhagen Fashion Week, from runway shows to street style. It will highlight Nordic brands like Ganni, Remain, Cecilie Bahnsen, and also Stine Goya. It aims to do this by integrating brand storytelling and custom digital backdrops featuring iconic Danish landmarks.

In recent years, Copenhagen Fashion Week has established itself as one of the most energetic and creative showcases internationally.” says Lucy Yeomans, founder and CEO of Drest. “It was a great opportunity for us to allow our audience to discover these purpose-driven Nordic brands. Our brand partners value the creative execution in Drest and the fact that gaming allows them to reach a wider, highly-engaged audience.” she adds.

Each Drest challenge requires players to style a model avatar with real luxury brands around a specific brief or real world event. Once completed, the community votes on the final look. Additionally, players can earn digital wearables or purchase them.

Drest Leads The New Frontier For Fashion’s Digital Future

While not currently Web3 enabled, Drest’s collaborations with luxury brands demonstrate the potential for gaming in retail. This also includes driving customer acquisition and engagement. Drest is moving closer to Web3, though. In June, the company raised $19.1 million, bringing its total funding to $38.2 million. The funds will support an “evolved and metaverse-enabled” version of Drest with new social features and customizable avatars.

Drest plans to achieve growth through its developer ecosystem, marketing, and strategic revenue streams. It is also exploring additional Web3 lifestyle games. Last year, Drest partnered with Oetker Collection luxury hotels to use iconic properties as backdrops for in-game fashion challenges. This March, Le Bristol also launched its first NFT collection, showing how Drest provides an on-ramp to Web3 for luxury brands.

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