Kinkify Girl NFTs: Your Ticket to an Innovative Adult NFT Marketplace

Silky hair, gorgeous outfits, and amazing cosplays – these are the main traits of the Kinkify Girl NFT collection. These beautiful digital assets pave the way for a brand new, adult-focused NFT marketplace.

In fact, owning one of the 6,969 digital ladies comes with many exclusive perks. From access to a fascinating virtual bordello to staking options for passive income, the Kinkify girls have it all – so let’s find out more.


image of a Kinkify NFT

The Kinkify Girl NFT collection features 6,969 gorgeous digital assets set to launch via OpenSea.

What is the Kinkify Girl NFT collection?

Basically, Kinkify Girl NFT is a collection of 6,960 digital assets set to drop on January 28th at 4 pm UTC. Minting will be available on OpenSea, with a price of 130 MATIC (approx. $304).

Each illustration reveals a unique, beautiful lady created using 200 hand-drawn traits. From doctors to warriors and readers, these gorgeous women prove that NFTs can be both innovative and intriguing.

However, this is more than a plain NFT collection. In fact, the Kinkify Girl NFT collection is the first to represent the upcoming Kinkify Marketplace. Self-dubbed as “the OpenSea of the adult industry,” this platform aims to create a powerful community centered around high-quality adult content.

As a result, all Kinkify Girl NFT holders will be able to join exclusive community chats. In addition, each whitelisted holder will also receive an additional NFT from the second Kinkify collection: Kinkify Sugar Daddy NFT.

By burning your Sugar Daddy digital asset, your Kinkify Girl NFT will become a rare Sugar Baby.

How can you join the whitelist? All it takes is being an active member of the Kinkify Twitter and Discord communities – a place where you can participate in exclusive giveaways.


image of a Kinkify NFT

The beautiful ladies are based on 200 hand-illustrated creative traits.

More exclusive perks for NFT holders

Not only are the Kinkify Girl NFTs gorgeous, but they’ll also help you earn passive income! Once the collection will sell out, project admins will move it to the Kinkify Marketplace. There, holders will be able to stake their digital assets, thus earning Kinkify Coins. Selling them will result in a passive income – and that’s just one of the benefits!

In the future, the Kinkify Girl NFTs will become your one-of-a-kind ticket to real-life and virtual events. For example, holders will get VIP access to the Kinkify Metaverse. This stunning digital space will host a Bordello lounge, as well as artwork museums you can enjoy with the rest of the community.

As for physical meetings, the team will organize special adult-focused events in Amsterdam, as well as other cities where the majority of the NFT holders live.


image of a Kinkify NFT alongside the official logo

The Kinkify Marketplace aims to become the OpenSea of the adult NFT niche.

The project roadmap revealed

By the end of this quarter, the Kinkify team will drop its second NFT collection, the Kinkify Sugar Daddy 2D digital assets. Meanwhile, project admins will begin the marketplace integration process on the adult-dedicated platform.

Thorought Q2, the Kinkify community-led metaverse will also start its development. In addition, collectors will also get to mint the Kinkify 3D NFT collection, as well as the official Kinkify Token.

At last, the team will spend Q3 and Q4 developing the metaverse Kinkify Bordello. Then, the first annual Kinkify event will also take place in Amsterdam, much to NFT holders’ delight!


With so many amazing virtual and physical experiences, along with the chance to earn a passive income, the Kinkify Girl NFT collection makes for a great investment.

Remember: you can follow Kinkify on Twitter and join their Discord channel for a chance to join the whitelist. Make sure to check out the official website, as well as the TikTok and Instagram accounts for more exclusive, dedicated content!