Ledger Unveils Touchscreen Hardware Wallet Stax at Ledger Op3n 

ledger stax

Ledger announced a new hardware wallet, Stax, with an interactive touchscreen at Ledger Op3n in Paris. With the design team headed by the creator of the iPod, the new ledger wallet is the perfect place to store, view and trade your NFTs. NFT Security just got easier and more stylish.

ledger stax

Ledger’s new Stax hardware wallet does just that…It Stacks!

Ledger Announce A New Touchscreen Hardware Wallet

The security dons at ledger have teamed up with iPad creator Tony Fadell to tackle one of the biggest pitfalls of any hardware wallet – its interactivity. Since its emergence as the world’s leading crypto wallet, Ledger has pushed the boundaries of innovation when it comes to cold crypto storage. 

But with Fadell on board, the team at ledger were confident that they’d get their ‘ipod moment’. Speaking at Ledger Op3n earlier today, he announced what his colleagues are calling ‘the next generation of digital security’. 

What is The Ledger Stax?

The new Ledger Stax, now available for pre-order, is the same size as a credit card.  Impressively, it also stacks magnetically. This, they achieve whilst retaining an individuality that makes them easily distinguishable. Using e-ink technology, you can even view the name of each wallet  along the spine. What’s more, whilst in standby mode, owners of a Ledger Stax can customize the front image, using it to display their most treasured NFTs. 

The announcement wasn’t only design-focused either. The new curved touchscreen interface of the Ledger Stax makes using the wallet to trade, view and purchase NFTs much more approachable. In fact, they call it a move to ‘Apple-ify’ Web3.  Meanwhile, Ledger hopes it will bring a lot more people into the NFT space. Firstly, the user experience is a big improvement. Plus, Ledger designed this particular device as ‘delightful’ addition to the everyman’s everyday tech. 

How Does the Ledger Stax Work?

As demonstrated in Paris this afternoon, the device connects to your smartphone, making transfers near-instantaneous. Using Ledger Live, Stax users can sign transactions with the touchscreen display, bringing the much-needed interactivity of smartphones into the crypto wallet space. The USB-C connectivity and wireless Qi charging are also great additions.

More news and demonstrations are expected as Ledger Op3n continues tomorrow. We may even find out more about exactly how customers are able to use the Stax for their NFT collections. To give you a sneak peek though, there may be some improvements to Ledger Live too, which will be integral to this product’s future use.

Of course, security remains a top priority of Ledger, being top dog of the crypto security scene. This innovation aims bring Web3 technology into a much broader sphere and Ledger seem excited to be at the forefront.

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