Liquid Death announces first limited-edition NFT collection

liquid death

Liquid Death has just announced the opening of its presale list (or Murderlist) for its first limited-edition NFT collection of 6,666 unique severed heads. The Muderlist gives interested buyers the chance to get to the front of the line before the NFT minting in March.

liquid death

Interested individuals can join the Murderlist (aka whitelist) for first access to the Liquid Death NFT project – the Murder Head Death Club.

The new NFT collection will be available to mint for 0.0666 ETH. In addition to owning a very cool artwork designed by Will Carsola, each NFT holder will get several perks.

These include access to a private Discord community, virtual events, NFT-branded merch drops, and other real-life perks. In addition, buyers of multiple NFTs get the chance to be featured in a Liquid Death commercial; have their face tattooed on Liquid Death’s CEO; be the company’s CEO for a day, and much more.

Liquid Death is working with Pachama to offset the highest calculated carbon emissions by 110%. Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds will go to non-profits to fight plastic pollution and distribute clean drinking water.

What is Liquid Death?

Liquid Death is a canned-water company whose tagline is “murder your thirst”. Founded by Mike Cessario, the drink is sold in a 500 ml “tallboy” drink can. Its water is sourced from the Austrian Alps and is also canned in Austria.

The drink was launched in 2019 and is now valued at $525 million. In 2020, the brand expanded to the US Whole Foods Market as well as two hundred 7-Eleven stores in Los Angeles and San Diego. Initially marketed towards the straight-edge punk rock community, the company released an album of death metal music titled “Greatest Hates.”

By releasing NFTs, Liquid Death takes a page out of the book of other beverage brands. Recently, brands such as Bottup, Dalmore Whisky, and Ron Carúpano have all released NFTs.

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