Blockverse Rugpull Accusations Lead Them To Release A Statement

Blockverse Rugpull After Selling out NFTs

One month after denying rug pull allegations despite deleting their website, Discord and game server, Blockverse is still a no show! The PvP Minecraft server said that it “plans on reopening in the coming days (as originally planned) and continuing to work on Phase 2.” To the community’s dismay, it appears to be a dead-end and the project have not followed up on their promises.

Blockverse Accussed of Rugpulling

Still radio silence from Blockverse despite promising that they will be back! Credit: Twitter (@Blockverse_NFT)

Blockverse: A Classic Rugpull?

To recap, Blockverse was accused of rug pulling after having a stellar launch. The project sold out in less than 8 minutes raising 500 ETH and 792 ETH in secondary sales. Then, it suddenly pulled the plug. After three days of silence, the Blockverse founders resurfaced on Twitter to apologize and explain their actions.

According to the official statement, the team began receiving complaints about gas fees being too high and inadequate player capacity on the Minecraft server. In addition, the community was disappointed about the lack of utility for the $DIAMOND tokens generated by the game.

Blockverse Rugpull After Selling out NFTs

Will sold-out NFT collection Blockverse officially join the long list of projects that rug pulled?  Credit: Twitter (@Blockverse_NFT)

“The FUD [fear, uncertainty, and doubt] quickly descended into harassment, threats and doxxing,” the creators wrote. “The team noticed all this and panicked, deleting the discord server on impulse. Everything else was closed to prevent the continuation of harassment that had occurred so far. Even then, the plan was to reopen once everyone had time to calm down.”

The anon founder also insisted that there’s no reason for them to abandon the project because the technical work and infrastructure are already in place. So the only intention of their actions was to protect the personal safety of the team.

Unfortunately, the plan to return to action and reopen the project hasn’t happened yet. With no communication and updates from the team, the community is starting to believe that this is how things will end. So the story of Blockverse might go down in NFT history as another classic rug pull, thanks to an anonymous team.

What’s Next?

The Blockverse community tried to negotiate with the original Blockverse developers for control of the project. Unfortunately, the deal fell through because the parties didn’t agree on one crucial thing. Basically, the project creators agreed to hand over all relevant contracts and code. However, they want to keep the 500 ETH from the initial token sale.

The community leaders tried to counter offer and ask for 200 – 400 ETH to hire people to run the project. They explained, “Most rug pulls recover little of anything, so the community is realistic in terms of a settlement. We are in agreement to let them keep some. We just want enough to run the project.”

So now the future of Blockverse is in limbo but many are convinced that this is the end of the road. As one NFT holder puts it, “They were able to hide behind anonymity. There’s nothing for law enforcement to do.”

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