Live The Metaverse “Inception” With Anarchy Arcade’s Portal

Anarchy Arcade creates a revolutionary new portal between the Ethereum-based virtual world of Voxel and the Somnium Space metaverse. This unique event changes the way we live and enjoy metaverse experiences. Providing a seamless and immersive experience like never before, Anarchy Arcade opens possibilities for the “inception” of metaverses.

Anarchy Arcade showcases personalized spaces for users to customize.

Anarchy Arcade lets users customize and explore in their own metaverse space.
Image Credit: Steam

Anarchy Arcade Opened Portals Between Metaverses

Living in between metaverses, users experience each virtual world without the issues of jumping from one to the other. Thanks to the creation of a portal by Anarchy Arcade, opening a metaverse experience inside another one is now a reality. Specifically, between the Ethereum-based virtual world of Voxel and the Somnium Space metaverse. This landmark accomplishment eliminates the boundaries between different metaverses. Consequently, it now offers users a truly unique and interesting virtual experience like never before. By creating a seamless journey between these different metaverses, Anarchy Arcade unlocked a world of opportunities for virtual reality enthusiasts. The community now wonders how many layers of this “metaverse inception” will be possible in the future.

What is Anarchy Arcade?

Anarchy Arcade is a decentralized metaverse platform where users build and customize their personal metaverse space. This virtual world claims to be a representation of how you view your computer, where you can customize and keep all the things you love. Additionally, players customize and decorate their own spaces, and even add music and NPCs of their liking. Its unique and innovative approach to virtual reality is built on the Ethereum blockchain, providing a decentralized infrastructure for the creation, customization, and adaptation of digital assets. With its technological integrations, Anarchy Arcade makes a user-friendly metaverse for everyone to enjoy. Now opening portals between metaverse, it’s a new way of experiencing and interacting with the virtual world.

The first metaverse inception with a Voxel metaverse inside a Somnium Space metaverse.

Anarchy Arcade showcased the Voxel metaverse in a wall inside the Somnium Space metaverse.
Image Credit: Anarchy Arcade’s Twitter

How can this Metaverse Inception Happen?

The secret behind this inspiring achievement lies in the interoperability of the Ethereum blockchain. This is possible due to the practicality to transfer assets and information between different platforms and metaverses built on Ethereum. Nevertheless, it took great creativity to create a portal linking the two distinct virtual worlds of Voxel and Somnium Space. The Ethereum blockchain’s flexibility and ease of use, combined with Anarchy Arcade’s innovative approach to virtual reality, have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for virtual reality enthusiasts. By breaking down the barriers between metaverses, users can now explore and enjoy multiverse experiences, making their virtual reality experience more immersive and enjoyable than ever before.

Anarchy Arcade’s creation of a portal to Voxel is a game-changing moment for the virtual reality industry. By breaking down the barriers between metaverses, it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for virtual reality users. With the security and decentralization of the Ethereum blockchain, together with its accessible decentralized network, the future of metaverses seem to be breaking even more barriers. Better not to miss one the first metaverse “inceptions.”

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