Louis Vuitton Unveils Limited-Edition Via Tile Trunk: A Phygital Fashion Statement

an exclusive image of Louis Vuitton's Via Trunk NFT

Louis Vuitton, the legendary fashion brand, has once again redefined luxury by introducing a unique phygital (physical and digital) fashion item: the Via Tile Trunk. Designed by the renowned artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière, this exclusive trunk is a symbol of the brand’s continuous innovation in blending the digital with the luxurious.

Two hundred select ‘Treasure Trunk’ NFT owners exclusively reserve the privilege to own this fashion masterpiece. They can acquire this coveted item for €6,000 via the official Louis Vuitton website, also making it a rare collectible in the world of luxury fashion.


  • Louis Vuitton introduces the limited-edition Via Tile Trunk, blending digital and physical luxury.
  • Only 200 ‘Treasure Trunk’ NFT owners have the exclusive opportunity to purchase this unique item.
  • The trunk showcases LV’s iconic Damier pattern, designed by Nicolas Ghesquière.

an exclusive image of Louis Vuitton's Via Trunk NFT

Louis Vuitton’s NFT Trunk: Design that Marries Tradition and Technology

The Via Tile Trunk, both in its digital and physical forms, adorns Louis Vuitton’s iconic white and gold Damier pattern. This checkerboard motif, a staple of LV’s design legacy, is reimagined in this trunk. This stands as a testament to the brand’s digital craftsmanship. The digital version of the trunk is described by LV as an “ode to the historic Damier motif”. The digital asset comes to life pixel by pixel.

First revealed during LV’s Spring/Summer catwalk on Paris’s Champs-Élysées, the trunk represents a blend of exclusivity and gamification. Although it made its debut in September 2023, enthusiasts will have to wait until March 2024 to get their hands on the physical version.

Nicolas Ghesquière’s Debut in Web3

This project marks a significant milestone as it is the first time Ghesquière has ventured into LV’s unique Web3 endeavors. With this trunk, Louis Vuitton continues to pioneer in merging high fashion. They use cutting-edge technology and offer its discerning clientele an unparalleled blend of style and innovation.

In summary, the Louis Vuitton Via Tile Trunk is not just a fashion accessory; it’s a statement of the brand’s commitment to leading the way in the luxury digital landscape, offering an exclusive, phygital experience to a select few.

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