Meet Amber Island: The Web3 Community For Whisky Lovers

Whisky enthusiasts in the web3 world now have a place to call home, thanks to the fantastic new project, Amber Island. With a focus on exceptional, rare whisky, NFTs, and community, this fascinating new brand is about to take the web3 world by storm. Inspired by the raw beauty of Scotland’s coastline, the visually stunning world will offer a home for whisky lovers to meet and explore.

Image of Amber Island text and whisky in glasss

Amber Island is a brand new exclusive web3 project for whisky enthusiasts.

In total, there are 999 of these NFTs, and each one is a unique 1-of-1 3D Artifact. With a price of 0.15 ETH, these utility NFTs offer super exclusive rewards in this scenic world. Get your hands on rare whiskies, attend virtual and physical events, and much more! Whether you are a whisky connoisseur or just discovering the exquisite amber spirit, there is a home for everyone on Amber Island.

Welcome to Amber Island

Amber Island is a new virtual community for whisky enthusiasts created by a team of different competencies, from whisky enthusiasts like Andrew Torrance to web3 experts like Rene Schmidt, who co-founded projects like POAP and led by GHARAGE, the Vision Hub of Gebr. Heinemann. This new community will focus on developing unique crafted whisky experiences. Additionally, it will allow members to collect rare whisky products from across the globe.

“We are fascinated by the craftsmanship that goes into every drop and the magical symbiosis between selected ingredients, casks, and the element of time. We want to share our fascination with like-minded people and those who have yet to experience it”, the Amber Island website states.

The Amber Island Key

The Amber Island team is adding utility to whisky collecting by tokenizing physical goods and creating unique experiences around them.

For 0.15 ETH, you can join the exclusive Amber Island Society, which has incredible utility and benefits. However, it is essential to note that anyone can join the community through Discord and Twitter. The 999 Amber Island Key NFTs grant you access to the beautiful island. Here, each key will act as a guide and unlock the hidden treasures of the rugged landscape.

Furthermore, you will also receive a unique 3D NFT sculpture of your key, which you can use and import onto 3D NFT-supported platforms. Every key is a 1/1 and combines eight possible traits to create an individual piece.

Amber Island Key with text

The Amber Island Key acts as your membership onto the island!

Utility of the Key

The NFT Key comes with an incredible amount of utility. In addition to the NFT 3D sculpture, holders will receive some of the best hand-picked luxuries from the world of whisky.

Exclusivity is one core aspect of the Amber Island Key. Key holders will get exclusive access to specific whisky releases and luxurious experiences, including the very first product drop on Amber Island. With only 999 keys, they are pretty scarce.

Early access will also allow members to purchase exclusive and rare whisky before the general public.

Then, Unique Experiences are also a primary focus for the Amber Island team. So far, there are already plans for:

  • Exclusive master classes with Amber Island whisky experts
  • Exclusive IRL community event at the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival in Scotland

Meet the Amber Island team

To create this magnificent web3 project, Amber Island boasts some of the best forward-thinking staff members. To explain, their top team includes those with backgrounds in liquor, retail, tech, web3, and brand building. 

The team is collaborating directly with brands and distilleries to find the best whisky and experiences for its members. 

Image of mountains in fog

The island draws inspiration from the raw beauty of the Scottish coastline.

When will the Whisky NFTs drop?

The first treasure on the island will be an NFT in Q4 2022. This NFT will represent ownership of a physical bottle, and holders will also be able to redeem the rare whisky it corresponds with. 

Further announcements in the coming months will confirm the extra benefits attached to the NFT. 

For now, the key will start the project’s journey and provide a home for holders to gather. However, there are huge plans for the coming months, which is an exciting time for whisky lovers. 

Finally, while the team is still finalizing the minor details for the Amber Island Key launch, we know that it will cost 0.15 ETH, and only 999 are available. To keep up to date with the latest news, check out the official website, Discord, Twitter, or Instagram.