My Neighbor Alice’s ALPHA SEASON 3 Launches with ELLE Collaboration

My Neighbor Alice, the blockchain-based virtual world, has announced the launch of its Alpha Season 3. This new season introduces a host of new features that aim to revolutionize the user experience. Read on to find out more about the new updates!


  • My Neighbor Alice has launched Alpha Season 3, introducing a crafting system, a free trial for non-landowners, and a plot-sharing feature for landowners through free-renting.
  • The game has partnered with fashion brand ELLE to introduce branded quests and NFTs, marking a significant fusion of fashion and gaming in the blockchain space.
  • The $ALICE token has been integrated through the Chromia Appnet, expanding its utility within the game ecosystem.
An illustration for the game My Neighbor Alice.

My Neighbor Alice season 3 starts.

What are the New My neighbor Alice Features?

Firstly, the game has introduced a crafting system, a feature that allows players to create unique items within the game. This addition is expected to enhance the gameplay and offer a more immersive experience to the players.

Secondly, in a bid to make the game more accessible, My Neighbor Alice is offering a free trial for non-landowners. This move is expected to attract a wider audience and increase participation in the game.

Additionally, landowners in the game now have the option to share their plots through a free-renting system. This feature not only benefits landowners but also provides opportunities for other players to explore different areas of the virtual world.

Brand quests and NFTs

In collaboration with ELLE, a renowned fashion brand, My Neighbor Alice has also introduced branded quests and NFTs. This partnership marks a significant step towards the fusion of fashion and gaming in the blockchain space.

Lastly, the game has integrated the $ALICE token through the Chromia Appnet, further expanding its utility within the game ecosystem.

In conclusion, My Neighbor Alice’s Alpha Season 3 will offer a more engaging and inclusive gaming experience. With its innovative features and strategic partnerships, the game continues to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming.

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