NFT Card Game Z-ERA Suffers Devastating Hack: $285K Looted, Coin Worth Nearly Erased

Blockchain security firm CertiK reported that the NFT-based card game, Z-ERA, fell victim to exploitation resulting in a staggering $285,000 loss. Let’s dive into it. 


  • Z-ERA, an NFT card game, suffers a hack resulting in a loss of $285,000. CertiK uncovers an exploit involving an unverified contract deployed by an outside account.
  • The attacker obtained 1.8 million ZERA tokens and sold them, causing the ZERA token price to plummet by 99%. Additionally, 1178.5 BNB is transferred to TornadoCash.
  • The stolen tokens represent around 27% of the total supply. Despite the incident occurring shortly after the game’s launch, Z-ERA remains silent regarding the attack.
Still from NFT Card Game

Z-ERA’s NFT Card Game

NFT Card Game Price Plummets

In a turn of events, Z-ERA, has experienced a devastating hack that resulted in a loss of $285,000. The security firm CertiK discovered an exploit, where an outside account deployed an unverified contract to siphon funds from Z-ERA’s BNB Smart Chain address.

The address acquired 1.8 million ZERA tokens, resulting in $285,000 in losses. Further adding to the situation, the attacker transferred 1178.5 BNB to TornadoCash. Following the breach, the price of the ZERA token plummeted by 99%. Although the specific value of the asset was not disclosed in CertiK’s initial report, data from CoinMarketCap indicates that ZERA initially traded at $13.00 on Pancake Swap. 

Considering that ZERA had a circulating supply of 6.58 million tokens, the theft of 1.5 million ZERA represents a significant blow and affected 27% of its total supply. This incident occurred shortly after Z-ERA’s NFT card game and token launch on June 18, with the app debut on June 15. Consequently, Z-ERA has remained silent regarding the hack, and attempts to contact the project have been unsuccessful.

This incident serves as a harsh reminder of the vulnerabilities within the NFT card game industry. Z-ERA now faces substantial financial and reputational consequences from the hack.

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