Gala Music Competition Grants ‘just shockey’ Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity with Jordin Sparks

Gala Music grants ‘just shockey’ the exclusive chance to collaborate with platinum-selling artist Jordin Sparks after a riveting music competition at VeeCon. Let’s dive into it.


  • Gala Music awards ‘just shockey’ the exclusive chance to collaborate with Jordin Sparks after an exciting music competition at VeeCon.
  • The event bridges the music community and Web3 technology, while fans rally to support their favourite artists.
  • ‘just shockey’ emerges as the winner, set to release a groundbreaking track with Sparks as Gala Music revolutionises fan engagement and empowers artists.
Still from Gala Music Competition

Gala Music’s State-of-The-Art Mobile Studio

Gala Music’s Quest to Discover Talent

This year’s VeeCon was home to an exciting music competition at run by Gala Music – a Web3 music titan. Emerging artist ‘just shockey’ was crowned the winner of the open mic competition, and given the exclusive chance to collaborate with Jordin Sparks! To clarify, Sparks is American Idol’s youngest winner and a platinum-selling artist.

So, what was this contest? Well, Gala Music excels in talent discovery for NFT music projects by directly engaging with artists. So, at VeeCon, they took the blockchain’s potential to the next level with an open mic competition, bridging the music community and Web3 technology like never before.

The event was a game-changer, where participants showcased their talent in Gala’s state-of-the-art mobile studio. The Gala’s open mic competition featured the final three artists who delivered extraordinary performances. The audience had the chance to choose their favourite artist through a community vote. As a result, the Gala music competition sparked excitement as fans rallied to support their favourite artist. 

‘just shockey’ Wins

Following an overwhelming response, ‘just shockey’ stole the show and was thankful for the opportunity to participate in Gala Music’s Open Mic competition. Moreover, the collaboration between ‘just shockey’ and Jordin Sparks promises a groundbreaking track. Gala Music looks forward to Shockey’s release of “Who Cares?” with Sparks. 

In addition, Gala Music aims to change how fans engage with their favourite artists, offering access and rewards. Sarah Buxton, CEO of Gala Music, highlighted the remarkable success of ‘just shockey’. Buxton also highlighted that the collaboration with Jordin Sparks is a testament to Gala Music’s mission of revolutionising the music industry. 

This event signifies a shift in the entertainment world. Furthermore, it shows Gala Music’s vision for artist empowerment, setting a new standard for the industry.

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