NFT Market Booms: Buyers Surge 95% and Sales Rise 11% This Week

The NFT market sales in June are on the upswing. This week’s sales climbed by 11.60% compared to the previous week. As a result, the total reached a significant $146 million, according to

Interestingly, the number of individual NFT buyers skyrocketed. Over the past seven days, there was a staggering 95.20% increase. This rise equates to 664,096 buyers.


  • NFT sales this week increased by 11.60% to $146 million, despite a slight 1.99% drop in transactions, while the number of buyers surged by 95.20% to 664,096.
  • Ethereum led the NFT sales with $85.43 million, followed by Bitcoin with $21.38 million; ‘Uncategorized Ordinals’ and Sotheby’s ‘Grails II’ were the top-selling collections.
  • Among the top five most expensive NFTs sold this week, two each came from Sotheby’s ‘Grails II’ and ‘Uncategorized ordinals’ collections, and one from the BNB chain, with the highest sale reaching $5.4 million.

An illustration for the rise of NFT sales in June.

Ethereum Dominated NFT sales in June

Ethereum remains a dominant player in NFT sales. Specifically, it accounted for a hefty $85.43 million of the total sales. Bitcoin-based NFTs, on the other hand, held their steady second position. They contributed $21.38 million to the total.

Moreover, the data from NFT sales in June highlighted a substantial increase in ETH and Bitcoin-based NFT sales. Specifically, ETH-based sales grew by 18.11% and Bitcoin-based sales rose by 10.84% week-over-week. Notably, Solana, BNB Chain, and Mythos followed behind ETH and Bitcoin in terms of sales.

The ‘Uncategorized Ordinals’ collection led the pack. It collected an impressive $12.18 million in sales. Close behind was Sotheby’s ‘Grails II’ collection, garnering around $7.67 million.

The sale took place both online and IRL in New York on June 15. All the 37 NFTs proposed exceeded their high estimates with the grand total falling just shy of $11 million and taking the total from the series to $17 million. More than 50 percent of buyers at the sale were under 40, and 61 percent were new to Sotheby’s.

Bored Apes in the Spotlight

Other major collections led the NFT sales in June, according to It included the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Dmarket, and Gods Unchained NFT card sales.

In the high-end NFT sales this week, Sotheby’s ‘Grails II’ collection took two spots. One of these was the top sale of $5.4 million. The ‘Uncategorized Ordinals’ collection and BNB chain are also featured in this exclusive list.

It will now be interesting to see if the NFT market’s growth continues!

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