OG Metaverse Second Life Announces New Experiences!

Second Life, Motown Records, and STYNGR join forces to create a special music experience. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Second Life teams up with Motown Records to create a dedicated music venue, offering a special experience with legendary artists and the iconic Motown sound.
  • Explore interactive features within Second Life’s platform, including dressing up your avatar with Motown music from Styngs, truly embracing the spirit of the music.
  • Look forward to a dedicated Motown Records radio station and a series of captivating events, curated by Motown and STYNGR, ensuring a fresh and engaging music experience. This collaboration marks Motown’s first move into the virtual world, supported by STYNGR’s technology and licensing.
Still from Second Life Motown

Motown Venue in Second Life’s Virtual World

Second Life x Motown

In this musical partnership, Second Life, the massive metaverse developed by Linden Lab, becomes home to a music venue dedicated to Motown Records. Prepare to immerse yourself in the iconic Motown sound and engage with legendary artists, both classic and contemporary.

Significantly, this exciting collaboration introduces a dynamic platform where you can explore new experiences. Thus, allowing the celebrated Motown sound to come to life. Moreover, dress up your avatar with Motown Records music snippets, courtesy of Styngs, and truly embody the spirit of the music.

What’s more, Second Life will soon feature a dedicated Motown Records radio station, curated jointly by Motown and STYNGR. Additionally, Motown artists will captivate and entertain, ensuring a fresh and engaging music experience.

With millions of users and an impressive economy, Second Life continues to enhance and enrich the lives of its residents. In addition, Brad Oberwager, Executive Chairman of Linden Lab, affirms their commitment to creating partnerships that improve in-world experiences.

Motown’s First Venture into the Virtual World

As for Motown Records, this collaboration marks its first venture into immersive digital experiences. Alex Williams, VP of Gaming Strategy and Business Development at Motown Records, recognizes their dedication to expanding boundaries and embracing innovation.

Thanks to STYNGR’s licensing, technology, and platform, this partnership has become a reality. Therefore, it will be bringing curated music from major and indie labels into the virtual realm.

This collaboration promises an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate and experience the magic of Motown Records like never before. Join Second Life and let the Motown rhythm captivate your senses. As you become part of a vibrant community, everyone will be united by a love for music.

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