NFT Sales Up 31% Last Week!

NFT sales exceeded expectations in the past week, showing a substantial increase of 31.22%. Within the span of seven days, NFT sales amounted to $208.17 million.  This significant surge can be attributed to the presence of digital collectibles originating from the bitcoin blockchain.

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Bitcoin NFT Sales: What’s Going On?

According to data from on May 14, 2023, Bitcoin NFT sales across 21 different blockchains have emerged as a significant contributor to the digital collectibles landscape. Although Ethereum continues to lead the charts with $111.26 million. However, Bitcoin-based NFTs, also known as simple fiat, secured the runner-up position.

The data reveals that Bitcoin NFT sales reached $53,433,451. Thus it ranks second among the 21 chains in terms of blockchain sales. Over the past week, Bitcoin collectibles increased by an impressive 187.54%. Additionally, Mythos Blockchain’s collectibles experienced a massive surge, rising by 69.66% to $11.73 million. This increase propelled Mythos to the third position among the top blockchains based on volume.

Solana, which previously held the second-largest position, now ranks fourth in terms of NFT sales per blockchain. Solana recorded $8,789,106 in the last seven days, reflecting a decrease of 21.16% compared to the previous week. Polygon ranked fifth with numbers amounting to $7.79 million, showing a 7.07% decline.

The Latest Data for NFTs

In terms of digital collectibles, the data from shows that “unclassified ordinals,” which are essentially random ordinals not associated with any collection, secured the top position. Unclassified Ordinal achieved $15.62 million in sales.

Bored App Yacht Club (BAYC), based on Ethereum, claimed the second spot this week with total sales reaching $13.80 million over the past seven days. The Dmarket collection of the Mythos chain took third place, with the majority of Mythos NFT sales originating from transactions in the Dmarket collection.

In fourth place, ORDI BRC-20 tokens recorded $11,044,110 in weekly sales, while Ethereum’s Milady Maker collection sold $10,376,102 during the same period, ranking fifth. Notably, the bitcoin-based Space Peps experienced a remarkable climb in sales, earning $4,607,834 over the past seven days, which represents a staggering 2,142.35% increase compared to the previous week.

Furthermore, one NFT from the series was sold for $4.5 million, making it the most expensive sale of the week. Interestingly, the remaining top five most valuable NFT sales during the past week all belonged to the Unclassified Ordinals category.

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