NFTs Meet Cinema: Neo and Auction Film Frames from Shadow Brother Sunday

Supporting Art for a Brighter Future: Auction Proceeds Benefit Red Eye Non-profit

Neo, COZ, and Degenz.wft have joined forces to bring you an incredible collection of film NFTs! Significantly, the exclusive NFTs are connected to the film Shadow Brother Sunday. Furthermore, Neo and will proudly sponsor Shadow Brother Sunday, the highly anticipated directorial debut short film by Alden Ehrenreich. Let’s take a closer look.


  • Neo and proudly sponsor Shadow Brother Sunday with $150,000 for its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.
  • Neo, COZ, and collaborate to introduce and auction an exciting collection of NFTs tied to original film frames from Shadow Brother Sunday.
  • The auction will feature COZ’s groundbreaking OneBand ring, allowing attendees to bid on the film frames and bridging the digital and physical worlds on Neo.
image of a black ring with cogs inside for the NFT Film

Supporting Art for a Brighter Future: Auction Proceeds Benefit Red Eye Non-profit.

Unveiling the Exclusive NFT Collection: Original Film Frames from Shadow Brother Sunday

Neo and proudly announce their sponsorship of $150,000 for Shadow Brother Sunday. Markedly, this exciting film will have its premiere at the renowned Tribeca Film Festival. Additionally, Neo has partnered with COZ and Degenz.wft to introduce and auction an exciting collection of NFTs. The NFTs are connected to original film frames from Shadow Brother Sunday.

So, following the Tribeca premiere, Alden Ehrenreich and the cast of Shadow Brother Sunday will join a post-screening celebration hosted by COZ, in partnership with Here, they will unveil and auction an exclusive collection of NFTs on the Neo blockchain. Significantly, these NFTs feature original 35mm film frames from the short film.

Unlike traditional auctions, attendees will use COZ’s innovative OneBand ring to bid on the film frames. The OneBand ring bridges the digital and physical realms on Neo. Thus, creating a unique and immersive auction experience. Essentially, it represents a significant step forward in Neo’s mission to enhance digital asset utilization in the Smart Economy.

image of 4 people, makers of the NFT Film

Unleashing Creativity: Neo and’s Impact on Shadow Brother Sunday. Image: Tribeca Film Festival

From Film to Philanthropy: Auction Proceeds Transform Lives with Red Eye

The film NFT auction will donate proceeds to Red Eye. Significantly, Red Eye is a non-profit organization nurturing a better future for children through art. Significantly, Red Eye provides a round-the-clock community for Culture Creators, Influencers, and Leaders to empower young lives and cultivate their talents. By supporting this auction, you are contributing to a cause that fosters creativity and empowers the next generation.

Neo and played a crucial role in the creation of the film. In addition, the highly acclaimed studio, Vanishing Angle, produced it. This captivating picture follows the story of an unfortunate musician. He returns home on the day of his brother’s movie premiere, with intentions to steal and sell his computer to the paparazzi. The film also boasts Francis Ford Coppola as the Executive Producer, adding to its prestige.

Da Hongfei, the Founder of Neo and CEO of Neo Global Development, expressed his enthusiasm about the NFT and film partnership. He stated, “At Neo, we are always driven to push boundaries and explore innovative ways to promote the adoption and understanding of Web3 technology. Our sponsorship of Shadow Brother Sunday exemplifies our commitment to this philosophy. Through this sponsorship, we aim to engage new audiences and share our vision of a future digital world optimized for the Smart Economy.”

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