Prepare for an Epic Journey: Ledger’s Quest Showcases Clay Nation NFT on Cardano

One of the best crypto wallet providers, Ledger,  revealed its latest Quest in collaboration with the Cardano-based Clay Nation project, awarding winners with Clay Nation NFTs. Read on to find out how you can win a Cardano NFT!


  • Ledger has collaborated with the Cardano-based project Clay Nation for a new NFT Quest.
  • The Quest, titled “CLAY CAMPUS: THE SECURITY GRADUATION QUEST,” allows participants to test their web3 knowledge and win Clay Nation NFTs.
  • Clay Nation is a collection of 10,000 PFP collectibles on Cardano and aims to build a values-driven community in the Web3 space.
image of a Clay Nation NFT with devil horns

Ledger teamed up with Clay Nation, a collection of 10k Cardano NFTs, for a new and exciting Quest.

The New Ledger NFT Quest

The leading hardware wallet brand Ledger revealed its latest Quest with Clay Nation: ‘CLAY CAMPUS: THE SECURITY GRADUATION QUEST’. In fact, this Quest is available for the Cardano NFT community. In short, users can participate in the web3 Quest to win a Clay Nation NFT and join the project’s community.

According to the Ledger platform, participants must complete a quiz that tests their web3 knowledge. The main topics approached are crypto wallets, web3 security, and also smart contract functions. After completion, each user will receive a Proof Of Knowledge NFT. Finally, the lucky users will also win Clay Nation NFTs!

Overall, Ledger uses this collaboration in order to encourage NFT communities to educate themselves for smarter decisions in the Web3 space.

Twitter screenshot of a Ledger announcement

Ledger offered a sneak peek into the upcoming NFT Quest and its rewards via Twitter.

What is Clay Nation?

In essence, Clay Nation is a Web3 animation project built on Cardano. The collection features 10,000 PFP collectibles with hundreds of exquisite traits.

Recently, the project increased in popularity through innovative collaborations. Moreover, the team has partnered with The Sandbox, Snoop Dogg, and Good Charlotte, among others.

“Our vision is to create an ever-growing, values-driven community, leveraging the potential of Web3 to harness creativity and human connection,” the founders said.

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