Ready to Play HV-MTL Forge? Here Are 3 Tips for Newcomers

Excitingly, many HV-MTL holders have started to play and build in the game. However, many potential players have not taken their first step into HV-MTL Forge. If this is your situation, let’s explore three helpful tips to kickstart your journey.


  • Tip #1: Develop a strategy, start small, and prioritize efficiency when building in the game.
  • Tip #2: Use energy wisely by petting HVs, upgrading tiles, and managing spills.
  • Tip #3: Build friendships, join guilds, and participate in voting for better game experiences and rewards. Remember to have fun while exploring the exciting world of HV-MTL Forge!
Still from HV-MTL Forge

Three Tips to Get You Started in HV-MTL Forge

Ready to Dive Into HV-MTL Forge?

Recently, Yuga Labs revealed season one of HV-MTL Forge meaning that holders could begin playing. So, if you’re an HV-MTL holder but you haven’t started playing yet, we’ve got you covered. Here are three helpful tips to get you forging ahead in the exciting world of HV-MTL Forge.

Tip #1: Develop Strategy, Start Small, and Prioritise Efficiency

It’s best to take it slow and build minimally when starting in HV-MTL Forge. Don’t lay down too many Tiles at once, as it will drain your energy faster. Upgrade your Tiles gradually over time to conserve energy and reduce the time it takes for upgrades. Focus on the closest Portal first and upgrade it gradually, as this will increase your energy recovery and cap. Pay attention to the upgrade requirements for Portals, as they become more challenging as you progress in HV-MTL Forge.

Tip #2: Energy Cheat Codes

Energy is crucial in HV-MTL Forge, and you need to manage it wisely. Instead of mindlessly building, try petting your HVs. You’ll be rewarded with a significant energy boost. Remember to stop petting when your HVs’ Energy recovery starts decreasing. Upgrading Tiles increases energy recovery, but be careful of spills on the Tiles, as they decrease the energy gained. Hotkeys like R (rotate the camera) and C (craft Blueprints and Tiles) can be handy during Portal upgrades.

Tip #3: Build Friendships and Join Communities

HV-MTL Forge is more enjoyable when you have friends by your side. Make connections and join guilds to make the game easier. Voting is an essential aspect, and having more friends increases your chances of getting votes. Engage in Twitter votes and daily in-game votes for daily and seasonal rankings. Trade votes with friends in Discord groups and guilds to maximize your rewards.

Bonus Tip: Have Fun

Remember, HV-MTL Forge aims to provide a fun and creative gaming experience. While there’s web3 technology behind it, the primary goal is to enjoy the experience. Let your imagination run wild and have a blast while forging your way to success.


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