Dior Pushes Boundaries with Ethereum-Powered Men’s Sneaker Collection

Dior's B33 Sneakers Paired with Exclusive NFTs

Dior has just revealed its latest line of men’s sneakers! Markedly, Dior has named the sneakers B33 and has paired them with matching NFTs. Dior Menswear artistic director Kim Jones has designed the B33 sneakers, and they are an integral part of Dior’s Men’s Fall 2023 collection. Let’s take a closer look!


  • Dior unveils B33 sneakers, paired with matching NFTs, designed by Kim Jones for Men’s Fall 2023 collection.
  • Limited release of 470 pairs priced at $1,350, adding to their exclusivity and appeal to fashion enthusiasts.
  • Six additional B33 styles with an NFC chip offering access to a personalized online platform with certificates of authenticity and exclusive services.

    Dior's B33 Sneakers Paired with Exclusive NFTs

    Dior’s B33 Sneakers Paired with Exclusive NFTs.

Dior’s Revolutionary B33 Sneakers & NFTs: Uniting Fashion and Blockchain Tech!

Luxury fashion powerhouse, Dior, has taken a bold step into the world of blockchain technology. Their B33 sneakers are truly unique. This is because of their innovative online authentication system combined with the accompanying NFT. Significantly, each pair of B33 sneakers will be connected to a “digital twin,” a corresponding NFT that will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Fans can purchase the B33 sneakers in a limited release of only 470 pairs, each priced at $1,350. Thus, making them exclusive and highly sought after by fashion enthusiasts! Moreover, in addition to the NFTs, Dior will also release six more styles of the B33 sneakers. These will feature an NFC chip discreetly placed beneath the sole of the right foot. This chip will be associated with an encrypted key, granting owners access to a personalized online platform. Within this platform, owners will find digital certificates of authenticity for their shoes, along with other exclusive services.

Interestingly, Dior has taken a distinct approach by not heavily promoting blockchain-related terminology. In fact, Dior haven’t used the word NFT at all. While blockchain technology is gaining acceptance, some are still skeptical about terms like Web3, crypto, and the metaverse. Unlike some previous fashion brand campaigns, Dior is embracing the world of blockchain while trying to avoid any negativity.


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