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Are you looking for a Web3 Job?

Welcome to our NFT Job Board for NFTevening; helping people get web3 jobs in NFTs and the metaverse worldwide!

We’re currently the biggest independent  NFT Media group and we’re always on the look out for  new freelance talent.

Why get a web3 job at NFTevening?

All of these Web3 job roles are fully remote: Yes, you can join our amazing NFT media team from anywhere in the world! Web3 jobs hold a number of benefits and we’re a great example! This is the perfect work atmosphere  for digital nomads and remote workers.  Join us and benefit from our young and dynamic team.

Want a job in the NFT industry? Look no further.

We appreciate candidates who are:

  • Autonomous, independent and reliable.
  • Active in the NFT, metaverse or blockchain gaming scenes
  • Honest and Straightforward

What you can expect working at NFTevening:

  • We pay in any (fiat) currency
  • We can facilitate the move from web2 to web3. Are you a salesperson from web2 who wants a job in web3? Have you been writing for years but want to write about NFTs? Our crash course and training tools can help you on your way.
  • Inclusive and fun working atmosphere – We share our favourite latest projects, alpha and memes in our work chat.
  • Flexible working across multiple time zones.

Please check out the different positions available below and click the links to see the descriptions. Find the link to apply at the bottom of the page!

Web3 Sales Jobs

Are you kind, courteous, and a great face of the company? Join our sales team! If you love organising giveaways and building relationships with clients, get in touch. Even better, if you’re comfortable handling cryptocurrency payments this web3 job may be perfect for you.

Social Media Positions: NFT Twitter Experts and more

Love social media? Have a following of your own? Check out our social media jobs for web3 talent. We’re always looking for social media Rock Stars to give our presence a boost. Do you love NFT twitter and discord?  Do you call yourself an expert shitposter? Check out our twitter channel here, then reach out and tell us what you would do better.

Jem and LilyNFT in front of CyberKongz

Jem from NFTevening and LilyNFT from .

Content and Writing Jobs at NFTevening

Our writers, reporters and editors get the chance to represent us at NFT conferences and events across the world. We’re always looking out for good additions to the team and we offer lots of opportunities for our staff to grow and learn about web3 with us. If you love writing, have great English skills and love NFTs or blockchain games, please apply to one of our vacant job positions.

Still from NFTevening interview with Bubblegoose Ballers creator Carl Jones

NFTevening’s Ola sat down with legendary Boondocks producer and Bubblegoose Ballers creator Carl Jones at VeeCon.

How to apply to work at NFTevening

To find out more and apply today, check out our Notion careers page; with each of our vacant positions and the application process necessary.