Recur NFT Platform’s Unexpected Shutdown Sparks Industry Uncertainty

logo of now shut down NFT Marketplace Recur

Recur, a pioneering NFT startup renowned for housing the intellectual property of prominent brands like Hello Kitty and Nickelodeon, sent shockwaves through the digital world as it declared the gradual closure of its Web3 platform. This unprecedented decision arrives on the heels of a triumphant $50 million Series A funding round that propelled the company’s valuation to an impressive $333 million. So, what happened?


  • Recur’s Closure: Prominent NFT startup Recur announces Web3 platform shutdown, citing unforeseen challenges and shifts in the industry landscape.
  • Investment and Valuation: Despite a successful $50 million Series A funding round and a valuation of $333 million, Recur decides to wind down operations.
  • Lessons for NFT Industry: Recur’s closure serves as a reminder of NFT market volatility. This highlights the need for adaptability and decentralized preservation solutions.

logo of now shut down NFT Marketplace Recur

The Unexpected Journey of the Recur NFT Platform

Having taken flight in 2021, Recur rapidly cemented its position within the NFT arena by offering businesses innovative Web3 “building blocks.” This empowering platform enabled the creation of in-game assets, digital collectibles, and loyalty programs through NFTs.

Last July, Recur soared to new heights with the “jet-setting NFT experience” featuring beloved characters from Hello Kitty and Friends. Notably, their TV Packs, containing Nickelodeon character profile-picture NFTs, witnessed an overwhelming surge in demand. Yet, a little over a year later, Recur’s soaring aspirations began to wane. Gradually, the platform will lose its core features. This includes NFT withdrawals, stablecoin balance cash-outs, and trading of collectibles within Recur-hosted marketplaces.

In 2021’s twilight, Recur proclaimed its $333 million valuation following the groundbreaking Series A funding led by Digital, an investment fund supported by billionaire hedge fund magnate Steve Cohen. The $5 million seed funding round boasted participation from prominent figures. This includes NFT creator Gary Vaynerchuk, Gemini’s Winklevoss twins, and Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin.

Navigating NFT Space Challenges

Recur’s decision to bid adieu has not been taken lightly, as the company articulated on Twitter. The turbulent NFT market’s fluctuating tides have impacted various platforms. For example Nifty’s, a social network turned Web3 creator portal, also announcing its cessation. Recur’s departure underscores the formidable challenges that even well-financed endeavors encounter amidst the rapidly shifting NFT landscape. The shutdown prompts a contemplation of the longevity of NFT platforms and the underlying factors contributing to their triumph or downfall.

Despite the platform’s forthcoming closure, Recur remains committed to preserving its diverse digital collectibles. The company revealed plans to migrate metadata and media for its NFTs to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). IPFS is a peer-to-peer file-sharing network devised by Protocol Labs. Additional assets will find a new home within Filecoin’s network.

A Cautious Lesson for the NFT Landscape

Recur’s unexpected shutdown, despite substantial investments and illustrious supporters, emerges as a cautionary tale resonating across the NFT realm. It also serves as a stark reminder of the market’s volatility and the imperative of adept maneuvering in these unpredictable waters.

The decision to harness decentralized networks like IPFS to safeguard assets also reveals evolving best practices for upholding digital value. As the NFT domain continues to transform, Recur’s narrative may also serve as a compass guiding future strategies and approaches within the ever-evolving industry.

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