Reddit’s Retro Reimagined Collectible Avatars Drop in Partnership with Cool Cats

Reddit and Cool Cats have collaborated on the Retro Reimagined Collectible Avatars series! With Blue Cat, Chugs, Shadow Wolf, and C4T Monitor, the collection is pumping. 


  • Reddit and Cool Cats join forces for Retro Reimagined Collectible Avatars, featuring renowned artists like Micah Johnson and Chris Torres.
  • Cool Cats’ unique style presents Blue Cat and Chugs, Shadow Wolf, and C4T Monitor – the latter already sold out.
  • Cool Cats’ impressive $388 million in NFT sales and Reddit’s mainstream adoption of Collectible Avatars highlight the potential for valuable digital assets despite market challenges.
Still from Reddit and Cool Cats

Reddit x Cool Cats

Reddit and Cool Cats Retro Reimagined Series

On July 26, Reddit introduced its latest series of Collectible Avatars in collaboration with the popular Web3 brand, Cool Cats. The new series, known as Retro Reimagined, marks the fourth generation of collectible avatars. The series showcases the talents of renowned artists like Micah Johnson, Chris Torres, and Clon, the co-founder of Cool Cats NFT.

Among the standout avatars in this release are Blue Cat and Chugs, Shadow Wolf, and C4T Monitor from Cool Cats’ unique style. In addition, the C4T Monitor Collectible Avatar was already sold out at the time of publication.

Cool Cats has been a huge success in the NFT market. So much so, that it generated an impressive $388 million in NFT sales since its debut in July 2021. The brand, backed by Animoca Brands, features 9,999 animated cat avatars that have grown into dynamic comic characters. Moreover, the avatars have extended beyond traditional profile pictures to become central figures in digital collectibles, animated content, comics, games, and merchandise within their imaginative world of Cooltopia.

Like their previous collection, Reddit mints their new series on the Polygon blockchain. This also offers users seamless interactions with Reddit wallets and effortless sales to third parties. Furthermore, Reddit plans to enhance its collectibles shop by allowing direct access via the avatar editing section.

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