Fashion Meets Blockchain With Lacoste’s NFT-Exclusive Shopping Experience

Clothing brand Lacoste opens up a new virtual store and provides a unique and immersive shopping experience. What’s more, NFT holders get full access! Talk about fashion meets blockchain. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Lacoste Virtual Store offers a unique shopping experience, combining fashion and blockchain technology. Also, NFT holders get exclusive access to this digital storefront.
  • Explore the virtual boutique through Lacoste’s iconic crocodile’s mouth and enjoy a pretty pool area overlooking the beach.
  • Lucky UNDW3 token holders can unlock an underwater VIP space with a limited-edition UNDW3 apparel collection, complete with NFTs and augmented reality features. Engage in an exciting scavenger hunt game and earn rewards through interactive fashion challenges in the gated community platform.
still from Lacoste virtual store

Enter Lacoste’s New Virtual Store

Lacoste’s Virtual Store Grants Perks For NFT Holders

Lacoste Virtual Store is changing the shopping experience with a fusion of blockchain and style! This summer, Lacoste revealed its new digital storefront. Thus, providing a shopping experience that combines the best of traditional retail with features exclusively for NFT holders.

Teaming up with Emperia, Lacoste’s new virtual store promises a unique shopping journey. The experience begins as you step through the crocodile’s mouth, leading you to a tiled boutique. Then, take the elevator up to a pretty outdoor pool area overlooking a sandy beach. It’s like a fashion dreamland!

Moreover, prepare to indulge in the latest summer apparel collection available to buy, while also embarking on an exciting crocodile-themed scavenger hunt game. What’s more, lucky holders of Lacoste’s UNDW3 tokens on Ethereum gain access to a VIP space, showing a limited-edition UNDW3 apparel collection co-created by Lacoste’s UNDW3 community members in March.

Furthermore, each piece of the collection comes with its digital twin in the form of an NFT, creating a unique and collectible fashion experience. To unlock the augmented reality (AR) feature, simply scan the QR code attached to your garment. Don’t forget to take part in an extra level of the scavenger hunt game, offering exciting prizes every week during the summer-long activation in the member space.

Lacoste’s UNDW3 loyalty program has also evolved, offering dynamic tokens and a gated community platform since 2022. Members now engage in fashion challenges, collaborating closely with Lacoste’s physical studio and leveraging 3D and AI-based tools to earn points. The highest scorers stand a chance to win incredible rewards, from an exciting week in Paris with Lacoste to representing the UNDW3 community in captivating social media campaigns.

Fashion x Blockchain

So, gear up for an extraordinary fashion revolution as you step into the Lacoste Virtual Store. This unique shopping experience is a seamless blend of fashion, technology, and blockchain, a treat for every fashionista out there! Happy shopping!

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