Revolutionizing Charity: Meta-Shelter TextTeo Unveils a Metaverse Haven for Dog Lovers!

In the dynamic realm of Web3, Meta-Shelter TextTeo emerges as a groundbreaking dog-friendly club and charity project. They do this by seamlessly integrating NFTs, Metaverse, and gaming technologies. Beyond a mere community, TextTeo is a warm and inclusive haven for dog enthusiasts worldwide!

The project extends a noble mission at its core: aiding homeless dogs in shelters. It transcends geographical boundaries, bringing together a diverse community of artists, enthusiasts, and compassionate individuals eager to discuss challenges and solutions.

TextTeo's Metaverse In Spatial

NFTs Redefined: TextTeo’s Digital Collection

TextTeo isn’t just a community; it’s a vibrant NFT digital collection featuring 1,500 captivating images. These NFTs open the gateway to exclusive content, including lectures and training sessions hosted by professionals accessible within the Metaverse. From unique events to exclusive drops, TextTeo’s NFT collection is a treasure trove for dog lovers and technology enthusiasts alike.

The Minting Extravaganza is set for November 13th, marking the launch of this revolutionary digital collection. What makes TextTeo even more remarkable is its commitment to charitable NFT endeavors. A commendable 30% of every NFT sold contributes to ROLDA (Romanian League in Defense of Animals). This project also seamlessly merges blockchain and philanthropy in the Web3 landscape.


The mission of this project, besides charity, is to show people that it is possible to help animals not only through poignant images of suffering pets but also by leveraging new technologies and a progressive approach, uniting people globally,” asserts Karina, the visionary founder of the TextTeo project.

Metaverse Unveiled: A Spatial Haven for Dog Lovers

A picture of a virtual avatar in the Meta-Shelter Project By TextTeo

TextTeo’s virtual universe spans four distinct locations, each designed to cater to the unique needs and interests of its community:

TextTeo Meet & Greet: The starting point, adorned with informative banners, introduces visitors to the organization’s ethos. Moreover, portals within this space facilitate navigation across the meta-universe.

TextTeo Adventure Game: A captivating adventure game presents a series of tasks that immerse participants in the challenges faced by stray dogs daily. From finding sustenance to navigating a perilous city, the game serves as an eye-opener while providing a glimmer of hope and joy at its conclusion.

TextTeo Shelter: A bustling hub for communication, photography, and enjoyment, the shelter also serves as a gateway to acquiring NFTs and accessing additional opportunities and activities.

TEO Best Friends Area: Reserved for NFT holders, this unique location is a hotspot for various activities. These include expert interactions, exclusive lectures, weekly events, and special rewards for contributors.

a poster containing the TextTeo logo alongside a picture of a virtual dog and the Spatial logo

Gaming for a Cause: The TextTeo Adventure Game

The TextTeo Adventure Game isn’t just entertainment; it’s a powerful tool to draw attention to the plight of homeless animals. Participants engage in simple yet poignant tasks, mirroring the struggles of stray dogs. This ranges from finding food to navigating a hazardous urban landscape. Spoiler alert: a rewarding finale awaits players, reinforcing the message that positive change is possible.

A metaverse avatar by TextTeo looking up standing on a dog paw

This innovative game isn’t limited to adults; it’s an educational tool for children, instilling values of empathy and compassionate treatment of animals. TextTeo also extends its impact beyond the digital realm, fostering a real-world commitment to animal welfare.

Collaborate and Engage: Joining Forces with TextTeo

TextTeo actively invites collaboration, extending a warm invitation to individuals and projects to be a part of this transformative initiative. Whether showcasing banners in the virtual space of the Metaverse or co-hosting events, TextTeo seeks to amplify its impact through shared efforts.

Explore TextTeo’s virtual shelter in the Spatial Metaverse. Open houses are now accessible by contacting the project on social media. This offers an immersive experience into the innovative world of TextTeo.

In this fusion of technology, compassion, and community, TextTeo also stands as a beacon of change, setting a new standard for charitable endeavors in the Web3 era.


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