Revolutionizing NFTs: DeGods Unveils World’s First ‘Art Downgrade’ With Season 3!

DeGods Season 3 poster with the "downgrade now" text

Prepare for a splash of color, excitement, and community as [de]labs unveils DeGods Season 3! This groundbreaking initiative reimagines the NFT space with a vibrant twist, spearheaded by none other than Frank DeGods, aka Rohun Vora, the founders of DeGods. Here’s all you need to know!


  • [de]labs Unveils DeGods Season III:
    • First NFT “Art Downgrade” introduces vibrant, non-dilutive artwork
    • IP Expansion expands DeGods collection with a burst of fresh creativity
  • Innovative Points Parlor Community Model:
    • A new business model, Points Parlor, offers loyalty-based rewards
    • Brand-sponsored prizes worth over $250,000 enhance community engagement
  • Future Promise for DeGods Community:
    • A teaser of exciting upcoming plans for art, community, and commerce
    • [de]labs committed to sustaining DeGods’ vibrant community growth.

DeGods Season 3 poster with the "downgrade now" text

DeGods Season III: Look To The Gods To Save NFTs

[de]labs shakes up traditional art upgrades with the world’s first “Art Downgrade.” Imagine a simpler, retro-inspired art style, a nod to the 60s pop scene and classic American comics. The Downgrade also breathes new life into the existing DeGods collection. Starting today, DeGods holders can embrace Season III with a 333 $DUST fee per NFT, and this fee will decrease over time, ensuring accessibility.

This bold move is also more than a project launch—it’s [de]labs’ commitment to real value and sustainable growth, moving beyond speculative hype. DeGods Season III also sets a new standard, focusing on long-term success as a mature venture.

Points Parlor: How NFT Loyalty Gets You NFT Royalty

At the core of this excitement is Points Parlor, launching on August 14th. More than a game, it’s a vibrant community platform. Holders can use their loyalty points, earned through DeGods, to win fantastic rewards. The DeGods prize pool includes $DUST fees from Season 3 “downgrades” and over $250,000 in brand-sponsored prizes.

Points Parlor by Dust Labs is a game-changer. Brands can sponsor prizes, boosting their visibility within the DeGods community while benefiting holders. It’s a win-win, a move that simultaneously reinforces community bonds, engagement, and platform visibility.

Furthermore, [de]labs believes in DeGods’ true value—a thriving community that deserves recognition and rewards. Points Parlor and the unique Art Downgrade showcase this commitment. They’re turning DeGods into an “omnifunctional town square” where art, community, and commerce unite, leading a revolution to create a lively, engaged, and thriving community.


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