Ride into the Future With Ducati’s Free NFTs on XRP Ledger

Ducati finally makes its grand NFT debut in collaboration with XRP Ledger, after one year since its first Web3 announcement.


  • Ducati is finally entering the web3 world with NFTs on the XRP Ledger blockchain, starting with a video history of their logos and iconic motorbikes.
  • Other automobile brands like Lamborghini, Renault, and DeLorean have also explored the NFT space with successful collectibles and campaigns.
  • The Web3 automobile industry thrives despite the bear market, making Ducati’s NFT venture worth watching.
image of a Ducati motorbike for its first video NFT drop

Ducati will make its grand debut on the NFT market on July 26th.

Ducati x Ledger: What Should You Know About the New NFTs?

Over a year ago, Ducati promised to enter the web3 world with NFTs, and now they’re finally here to reveal them. The new collectibles will launch via the XRP Ledger blockchain on July 26th.

Surprisingly, the first NFT is in fact a video history of the Ducati logos evolution since 1946. The visuals also showcase the brand’s iconic motorbikes throughout the decades. Accordingly, the first users to mint the NFT will get whitelisted for future releases.

However, Ducati barely revealed anything about its NFT roadmap so far.

Automobile Brands In NFTs

Ducati has been part of the luxury Italian brand Lamborghini for quite a while now. Looking into Lamborghini’s NFT history, the company has enjoyed plenty of success in the web3 space. For example, Automobili Lamborghini celebrated its 60th anniversary with a phygital collectibles campaign and unique experiences.

Meanwhile, Renault has already launched two NFT collections of digital Racing Shoes to honor its achievements IRL. The iconic car manufacturer DeLorean even took things to the next level by allowing NFT reservations for its new Alpha5 vehicle!

In other words, the Web3 automobile industry is growing quickly despite the bear market – and Ducati is worth keeping an eye out for.

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