Shazane Nazaraly’s Inspiring Journey to Launching Ares Corporation

Web3 is a place where digital innovation intertwines with blockchain technology, and a new breed of entrepreneurs is emerging with the vision and determination to reshape the future.

One such visionary is Shazane Nazaraly, the dynamic founder of ARES Corporation. In an exclusive interview, we delved into his remarkable journey, exploring his early influences, challenges, and unique perspective on the world of NFTs and his advice to young entrepreneurs.


A Unique Pathway to Entrepreneurship

Shazane Nazaraly’s journey into entrepreneurship was far from conventional. Born in a challenging environment with an innate curiosity and drive, he embarked on an unconventional path that set the stage for his future endeavors. At the age of 18, Shazane entered the world of business, working alongside his father in the automotive industry. However, unlike most, he chose practical experience over formal certifications.

“I learned everything in life by doing,” Shazane recalls a philosophy that would guide his approach to entrepreneurship. His father, a prominent figure in French real estate and law, was both an inspiration and a mentor.

After a time at the University of Massachusetts as a car engineer, Shazane ventured into the luxury car industry, founding a thriving shop for repairs and maintenance. His passion for automobiles was evident, but it was just the beginning.

Journey into Web3

Shazane’s life took an unexpected turn during a visit to Dubai, where he encountered the burgeoning world of NFTs. The concept of non-fungible tokens intrigued him, and he realized their innovation potential. “NFTs needed less information but could create massive value,” Shazane observed. This revelation marked the inception of his journey into the world of Web3.

He compares his approach to building in Web3 to constructing a building. “When you can’t afford the whole building, start with a house and grow from there,” Shazane advises. It’s a testament to his pragmatic yet ambitious outlook on entrepreneurship.

Challenges & Learnings

Shazane’s path was challenging with many uphill battles. The emergence of popular NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks added to the competitive landscape. Nevertheless, he stood resolute, determined to make ARES Corporation a symbol of power and community.

“Finding the right people behind Ares was crucial,” he acknowledges. Scammers and opportunists were plentiful, but Shazane persevered in his quest to assemble a team that believed in ARES Corporation’s vision. The key was finding “people who believe in the vision & understand the idea of Ares”

Inspirations & Mentors

When asked about figures who have left an indelible mark on his journey, Shazane cites the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The athlete’s inspirational words, “Having talent is not enough; you have to keep fighting and never give up,” resonate deeply with Shazane’s philosophy.

The name “ARES” draws inspiration from the Greek God of War, symbolizing hope for those facing struggles. “We need to show people that with great power comes great responsibility,” Shazane emphasizes. His faith in the potential of every individual underscores the ethos of ARES Corporation.

ARES NFT: The Personal Connection

NFTs are at the heart of ARES Corporation, representing more than just digital assets. Shazane’s connection to NFTs runs deep. He envisions them as a gateway for people to invest, engage, and believe in a concept from its inception to fruition. “We want everybody to perceive our NFT as an investment, not just a snapshot,” Shazane explains.

The rarity of the tokens even determines whether investors become Ares Members or Ares VIP Members, each offering unique advantages. It’s a testament to Shazane’s commitment to building a community deeply invested in the project’s success.

Looking Ahead: ARES in the Future

As we peer into the future, Shazane Nazaraly envisions ARES Corporation as a dominant force within Web3, extending its influence across various sectors. The goal is to introduce a novel approach to effect change, reaching every corner of the globe.

“Our community will have access to cutting-edge opportunities,” Shazane reveals, hinting at exclusive editions and even ventures into the automotive industry. ARES Corporation’s vision extends beyond the digital realm, promising unprecedented investment opportunities for those who dare to dream.

Reflections & Advice

In parting, Shazane offers wisdom garnered from his own journey. “Trust yourself, get the right people, set the right objectives, and never give up.” His words encapsulate the essence of his entrepreneurial spirit and the driving force behind ARES Corporation’s ascent in the world of Web3.

Shazane Nazaraly’s journey from the world of luxury cars to the boundless possibilities of Web3 showcases the transformative power of entrepreneurship. 

His story serves as a testament to the unwavering belief in one’s vision, the resilience to overcome challenges, and the determination to shape the future of innovation.

As we navigate the uncharted waters of Web3, luminaries like Shazane Nazaraly illuminate the path ahead, inspiring us to envision a world where every idea, no matter how audacious, can find its place and purpose.

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