Society Symbols NFT: Bringing Real-Life History to The Blockchain

In a digital era populated by PFP projects and cartoon-style NFTs, Society Symbols is bringing real-life value. Now you can find and cherish ancient symbols, sports emblems, iconic brands, and a lot more (science stuff, official signs, miscellaneous symbols) – all part of a unique NFT project. Every single digital asset is unique and only you can define its value on the blockchain.

The 10K debut collection will drop on August 14th, so let’s find out all about the concept ASAP!

image of several Society Symbols NFTs

Society Symbols brings together the most meaningful symbols in our history for a unique NFT collection.

What are the Society Symbols NFTs?

At first glance, Society Symbols is a collection of 10,101 collectibles built on the Ethereum blockchain. Each digital asset represents a meaningful logo, symbol, or character in our world.

From ancient writings to The Rolling Stones, the Vitruvian Man, and Spongebob, there’s something for every collector.

Therefore, this collection consists of entirely unique NFTs. Most of the collectibles have been individually reconstructed to maximize their visual quality. The team made all the efforts with a single goal: to bring real-life meaning to the blockchain.

This unique NFT collection will drop on August 14th at 9 pm UTC. Collectors can mint a maximum of 8 Symbol NFTs per wallet. The digital assets will be immediately available via OpenSea, LooksRare, and your digital wallet.

image of Society Symbols NFTs

Each NFT represents an emblem, logo, symbol, emoji, from present days – or from a distant past.

What about the NFTs’ rarity?

Unlike most NFT projects, the Society Symbols NFTs don’t have any rarity decided by the creator of the collection. Each symbol stands for something different, whether it’s a brand, a concept, or a time in our history.

This means that only you get to decide which NFTs are more valuable. After all, our world works by the exact same concept. Some companies have millions of supporters, while others are niched. Society Symbols brings all these concepts together for a timeless, unique drop.

image of Society Symbol NFTs

Collectors will be able to mint up to 8 Society Symbol NFTs on August 14th via the official website.

How do the NFT copyrights work?

Accordingly, Society Symbols isn’t affiliated with any company mentioned in their NFT collection. Each digital asset is public and available to the community.

In fact, the project’s main goal is to offer an objective view of human societies. From the ancient symbols used by our ancestors to the cryptocurrencies we use today, Society Symbols reveals what truly matters.

This is the same reason why the project founders chose to stay anonymous. “We want the community and the market to judge it for what it is, and not for who we are,” they said.

Nevertheless, community members will meet the team after the initial mint. Meanwhile, the founders are focusing on the project roadmap.


The project roadmap revealed

The project admins have been doing research on the NFT symbols since October 2021. On August 14th, they will finally release their debut NFT collection with the public – and that’s just the beginning.

This fall, 25% of the NFT sales will be used for exciting collaborations and promotions. Meanwhile, the top 10 most active NFT holders will receive 25% of royalties!

Starting this winter, the team will develop new themed NFT markets. Notably, the Society Symbols community will receive airdrops too. Last but not least, the project founders will develop a dedicated marketplace to prevent high gas fees.

All in all, Society Symbols is clearly a community-focused project. The team is dedicated to investing all of their resources for all of the NFT holders.


If you’re ready to become part of this remarkable project, you can mint your own Society Symbol NFTs on August 14th. Remember: the debut collection drops at 9 pm UTC on the official website

Meanwhile, make sure to follow the project via Twitter and join their growing Discord community.