Star-studded anniversary: Feral File’s Retrospective Highlights Works by Refik Anadol, Tyler Hobbs, and More

Feral File, the digital art platform, celebrates its second anniversary with a Retrospective showing 33 artworks gathered from Feral File’s past shows. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • Feral File celebrates its second anniversary with “Feral File 1.0,” a retrospective showing 33 artworks by notable artists.
  • Feral File has hosted 33 online selling exhibitions, challenging the boundaries of digital art and including various mediums and styles.
  • Feral File 2.0 focuses on artists’ rights, editioned series, and group exhibitions. This is while “N=12” and “The Experiment” further show commitment to experimentation and community building.
Still from feral file retrospective

Feral File Celebrate Second Anniversary With Retrospective

Feral File Turns Two

Digital art platform Feral File marks its second anniversary with a remarkable retrospective titled “Feral File 1.0.” This star-studded exhibition shows 33 artworks by notable artists such as Refik Anadol, Tyler Hobbs, and others. Feral File founder Casey Reas has personally chosen the artworks from past shows. Thus, giving a diverse and exciting collection.

Since its inception in 2020, Feral File has made its dedication to digital art known. It has hosted 33 online selling exhibitions, which showed 26 curators and 178 artists. It embraces various mediums and styles, challenging the notion of digital art as a narrow field. From group shows to curated exhibitions, Feral File has always pushed the limits of digital art.

The retrospective not only celebrates Feral File’s second anniversary but also marks a turning point. Moving forward with Feral File 2.0, it will focus on artists’ rights, making sure royalties are given through resales and cross-blockchain transactions. Editioned series and group exhibitions will the focus, letting artists receive a set of every artwork in the show.

In addition to “Feral File 1.0,” Feral File will present “N=12,” a generative art exhibition curated by Aaron Penne, kicking off its new chapter on July 13th. To revisit its roots, Feral File will also feature “The Experiment,” showing a curated selection from the 2019 a2p collection.

Feral File’s commitment to experimentation and its vision for the future of digital art is at the core of its second-anniversary celebrations. The retrospective shows the platform’s achievements while paving the way for new opportunities and community building within the digital art landscape.

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