Trump NFT comeback: Melania Releases ‘The 1776 Collection’ Just Months After Donald’s NFT Trading Card Debacle

Melania Trump enters the NFT space with her own collection. Following in the footsteps of her husband, former US President Donald Trump. The Solana-based NFT project “The 1776 Collection,” draws inspiration from iconic American imagery like the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and so on.

Priced at $50 each, the collection features seven unique designs, with a total supply of 3,500 NFTs. What’s better than one NFT whale? Two.


  • Melania Trump enters the NFT space with “The 1776 Collection,” featuring iconic American imagery.
  • NFTs priced at $50 each, with 3,500 total supply, available on the USA Collectibles website.
  • Portion of sales to support Fostering the Future, a charitable initiative for foster children in Melania’s “Be Best” program.

A Picture of Melania Trump, who recently launched a new NFT collection, standing in front of a row of american flags

Melania Trump NFTs: Legit Project Or Cash Grab?

Melania Trump announced the sale on her Twitter account, directing interested buyers to the USA Collectibles website. The website also offers “POTUS TRUMP” NFTs featuring images of the former president and his wife. While not explicitly mentioned on the NFT website, it is reported that a portion of the sales will support Fostering the Future, an initiative within Melania Trump’s “Be Best” resource program aimed at aiding foster children.

a picture of statue of liberty NFT from Melania Trumps The 1776 Collection

The Trumps are (almost) a household name in the NFT industry over the past two years. Melania Trump was the first to launch her NFT in December 2021, collaborating with Solana Labs executives. In 2022, Donald Trump introduced his popular digital trading card collection, selling 45,000 NFTs for $99 each on the Polygon network. These NFTs offered potential special benefits, such as dining with the former president or joining a group Zoom conference with him.

Despite initial ridicule, the collectibles sold out within 24 hours, garnering attention from both the NFT community and mainstream audiences. Resale values soared, with peak prices surpassing $1,000 per card on secondary markets. To date, the NFTs have generated over $20 million in sales.

In April, Donald Trump released an additional 47,000 NFTs, causing a significant drop in value for the initial set. Original Trump digital trading cards now start at around $185 worth of ETH on secondary markets, while the second set begins at approximately half the mint price, around $54 worth of ETH.

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