The Rise of Blus Teaser: Nouns DAO’s Animated Film Enters Exciting New Chapter

Nouns DAO has financed its first feature-length animated film, “The Rise of Blus: A Nouns Movie”. It is one of the first instances of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) supporting a film project. Furthermore, the film is being produced by Atrium, a reputable animation studio with a track record of collaborations with industry leaders like Pixar, Netflix, and Marvel.


  • Nouns DAO has made a landmark move by funding its first film, “The Rise of Blus: A Nouns Movie”. The producer is Atrium, a notable animation studio.
  • The film’s narrative is centered in the animated city of Blus and follows a young Noun who uncovers and counters a malevolent scheme. Despite a limited budget, Atrium aims to maintain high production values, enabled by agile decision-making and the use of Unreal Engine 5.
  • Nouns DAO, operating in the NFT space, represents a digital community bound by shared ownership and decision-making. Its innovative integration of NFTs has allowed for enhanced community engagement, marking a significant transformation in the intersection of art, technology, and film.
A screenshot of Nouns DAO's movie.

Nouns DAO’s funded movie is the story of a 13-year-old kid.

What is “The Rise of Blus” Movie?

On June 21, marking a key milestone, the open-source IP of the film was revealed to the global audience with the unveiling of the pilot segment. Set in the animated cityscape of Blus, the plot unravels around a fearless 13-year-old Noun.

This young character inadvertently uncovers a sinister plot conceived by the city’s “aristocrats”. Reacting to this revelation, the protagonist embarks on a mission to thwart their malicious plans.

Despite operating on a modest budget of $2.75 million, Atrium exhibits a tenacious commitment to maintaining high production standards. In order to accomplish this, they have turned to modern technology and the adaptive structure of a remote team.

Specifically, the project leverages Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities, an approach that not only facilitates swift decision-making but also encourages the exploration of diverse styles.

What is Nouns DAO?

Nouns DAO is a digital community whose basic principles are ownership and collective decision-making. In this setup, members possess unique NFTs, called Nouns, that confer voting rights on community propositions.

Significantly, Nouns DAO has broken new ground by incorporating NFTs into its structure. This move has effectively elevated the level of community engagement. More importantly, this strategy played a critical role in rallying the community. This allowed the fund of “The Rise of Blus: A Nouns Movie”. Consequently, this initiative exemplifies the transformative potential of decentralized systems.

Finally, the pilot segment of “The Rise of Blus – A Nouns Movie” is readily available for viewing. You can catch it on the Nouns DAO Discord or on the official website,

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