The Ultimate Throwback: POG® Joins Theta Labs for Exclusive Blockchain Collectibles!

Experience the nostalgic collaboration between POG® and Theta Labs and discover exclusive POG digital collectibles, with custom TNT20 tokens and NFTs. 


  • POG® and Theta Labs team up for POGCHAIN™, with custom TNT20 tokens and NFT collectibles.
  • POG Digital, is an iconic 90s collectible brand, that brings authenticity with collaborations with Disney, Marvel, and more.
  • The merge offers hyper-limited-edition POG collectibles exclusively through Theta’s POG Collector platform, with physical items linked to the blockchain originals.
Still from POG Digital Collectibles

POG® x Theta Labs Introduce POGCHAIN™

Discover POG® Digital Collectibles

POG® and Theta Labs have joined forces to introduce POGCHAIN™, a dedicated subchain on the Theta network. This partnership combines the memories of Millennials with Web3 through custom TNT20 tokens and NFT digital collectibles. 

The POGCHAIN™ merge offers limited edition POG digital collectibles, merging digital and physical experiences. The 165 million Millennials and GenZs who once collected Pogs can now access these limited items solely through the Theta patented POG Collector platform. In addition, POG Creators can build and deliver their collectibles on chain using Theta’s sandbox. 

In celebration of POG Digital’s first year in the web3 space, they are releasing their 1st Collector’s Box in 25 years, with 48 unique art pieces sourced from the POG Archives. Each physical POG will also directly link to its blockchain original for authentication, and only 555 of the 750 limited edition boxes will be available on ThetaDrop starting July 21st.

Moreover, the Digital Redemption Box NFT includes a Collector’s Edition Box of physical Limited Edition Pogs. Collectors can also redeem their POGGER BOX on ThetaDrop for a physical collector’s box, starting from August 2023.

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