The Vatican Is Creating An Official NFT Gallery

Image of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican NFT

The Vatican is opening an official VR NFT gallery to democratise art. In partnership with the VR company Sensorium and Humanity 2.0, the Vatican nonprofit, the new experience aims to eliminate boundaries that stop humans from thriving and cooperating.

Image of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican NFT

The Vatican is creating a VR NFT gallery and metaverse space to allow people to see their vast art collection.

The Vatican’s NFT gallery will showcase unique art

The Vatican, officially Vatican City State, is a city-state inside Rome, Italy. It is a holy site, especially for the Catholic church, and its presence dates back over a thousand years. Now, the Vatican will eternalise some of this collection as NFTs.

Humanity 2.0 plays a massive role in Web 3.0 support at the Vatican. What’s more, the company chairman is Father Philip Larrey. Significantly, he has written books on technology and artificial intelligence.

In a statement about the Vatican NFT gallery, Father Larrey said, “We look forward to working with Sensorium to explore ways to democratise art, making it more widely available to people worldwide regardless of their socio-economic and geographical limitations.”

Vatican City is the world’s smallest country and has its own laws and rules. Additionally, the artwork and the items inside are priceless and a crucial part of world history.

St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel are some notable fixtures within the city. Art, statues, and more can be seen at the historic site. In total, there are over 70,000 works in the Vatican Museum. These include art by Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, and many more. The Vatican plans to showcase these artworks to people using NFTs.

Although it is unclear if these Vatican NFTs will be available for sale, it is exciting to see them using NFT technology.

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