NFT Galleries For Viewing Digital Art

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If you’re an art enthusiast, you’ve probably visited hundreds of galleries. However, you may not be aware that you can now access hundreds of thousands of top-tier artworks from the comfort of your home. We’re referring to NFT galleries in the metaverse, of course!

Virtual lands such as Voxels and Decentraland are becoming art hubs for NFT art and a new generation of metaverse native artists. In addition, you can also create your own NFT gallery, where you can showcase NFT art and support your favourite artists. Interested in learning more about NFT galleries? Keep reading!

A cover image for this article with its title written on it, with a digital art museum on its right.

What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that exist on a blockchain. Significantly, NFTs are indivisible and represent ownership or proof of authenticity of a specific digital item. These can be artworks, collectibles, music, videos, or virtual real estate. Additionally, each NFT has a distinct value and metadata that sets it apart from other tokens, making it one-of-a-kind and verifiable. This is unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are fungible and can be exchanged on a one-to-one basis.

What is an NFT gallery?

Essentially, an NFT gallery is an art gallery that showcases NFT art. It can be a physical art gallery or a virtual gallery. NFT galleries typically curate a collection of NFTs that fit a particular theme or artistic style.

A virtual NFT art gallery is an online platform or virtual space that showcases and sells digital artworks in the form of NFTs. Virtual NFT art galleries are usually in the metaverse. In a metaverse NFT gallery, users can explore a virtual space designed to resemble a physical art gallery or exhibition hall. Here, they can navigate through different rooms or areas, each featuring digital screens or displays showcasing NFT art. These displays can present high-resolution images, videos, or even interactive experiences of the NFT artworks.

On the other hand, a physical NFT art gallery is a physical space or venue that showcases and displays digital artworks in the form of NFTs. These galleries typically exhibit large-scale screens, monitors, or projectors to display the digital artworks in high resolution. The physical gallery space may also incorporate interactive elements. Markedly, these could be touchscreens or VR/AR installations.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of traditional museums and galleries embracing the world of NFTs and showcasing them alongside traditional art forms. These physical galleries are recognizing the significance and cultural impact of NFT art. One example of this is prominent AI NFT artist Claire Silver. Excitingly, the prestigious Louvre showcased her artwork.

Top NFT Galleries


screenshot of the b.20 gallery

Screenshot of the B.20 Gallery in Voxels.
Credit: Artnet


If you’re an art enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Beeple’s “Everydays: the First 5000 Days.” Metapurse bought this digital asset and then built the B.20 gallery in Voxels (formerly known as Cryptovoxels).

The B.20 Gallery is located in Frankfurt’s neighbourhood, just a stone’s throw from First Edition Pillar Gallery and HTML Tower. The main entrance leads to a lobby with neon pink trees and decorative water fountains. To view the Beeples, you need to take the elevator, which teleports you to the level where Beeple’s art is showcased. The artworks include “The Passion of the Elon,” “Shrek Too,” and “Jabba’s Afterbirth.”

Async Gallery

Async Gallery is also located within the Voxels metaverse. It’s situated in the Gangnam district and stands out from the crowd due to its asymmetric shape.

The museum divides its collection into two: Async Classic Arts and Feature Pieces. The former include artworks that are part of the permanent collection, while the latter are more recent additions. The Async gallery includes fun, programmable pieces like “First Supper” and “Right Place & Right Time.”

Actually, the Async Gallery is primarily known for its emphasis on programmable art. In this unique approach, artworks are composed of distinct layers that influence the final image. By manipulating these layers, artists can transform the overall appearance of the artwork.


screenshot of sotheby's in decentraland

Entrance of Sotheby’s in Decentraland.
Credit: Decentraland

KnownOrigin Gallery

Experience the renowned KnownOrigin Gallery in Origin City, Decentraland. The gallery stands out with its distinctive exterior design and suspended steel railings. Inside, you’ll be greeted by an impressive collection of NFT artworks lining the walls. These carefully curated pieces include both static and animated artworks, showcasing the talent and creativity of diverse artists. KnownOrigin, a reputable digital art marketplace, selects and showcases these artworks within the KnownOrigin Gallery.

Narra Gallery

Narra Gallery is an open gallery space in the 100 X Art District. It’s curated by co-owners Gabby Dizon and Colin Goltra. Significantly, they were the first people to showcase their crypto art collection at Narra. Narra Gallery’s main mission is to empower artists and collectors to display their NFTs, crypto art and crypto collectibles. Undoubtedly, Dizon and Goltra take great pride in their gallery. They describe it as a “home” for NFT projects and crypto art.


Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest fine and decorative art brokers, has an NFT gallery in Decentraland’s Voltaire Art District. The space is a replica of Sotheby’s in London, meticulously recreated within the interactive metaverse. Like in real life, Sotheby’s London Commissionaire Hans Lomulder greets your avatar at the door. With several different areas within the building, such as Gallery 1, Central Gallery and Wemyss Gallery, you can spend a good hour or two exploring all the different artworks Sotheby’s has to offer.

As the art market experienced a remarkable transformation with the emergence of NFTs, Sotheby’s have enthusiastically embraced this trend.


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is among the physical art galleries displaying NFTs alongside their traditional exhibitions. Furthermore, in February 2023, pseudonymous NFT influencer, Cozomo de’ Medici announced the donation of 22 NFTs to the museum. Significantly, these included a CryptoPunk from NFT collective Larva Labs and a piece by World of Women artist, Yam Karkai.

The Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou, Europe’s largest modern art museum, exhibited NFTs. Notably, they featured pieces such as a CryptoPunk and an Autoglyph. The museum, home to France’s National Museum of Modern Art, showcased NFTs created by 16 digital artists from around the world. The exhibition delved into the intriguing connection between art and the blockchain, offering a unique exploration of this evolving relationship.

Other Metaverse NFT Galleries

screenshot of an oncyber gallery

An example of an NFT gallery on OnCyber.

OnCyber Virtual Gallery

OnCyber is an easy way for both artists and collectors to showcase their NFT and crypto art. To create your own NFT gallery, you simply need to connect your Ethereum wallet to collect assets and place them in your space. Alternatively, you can visit spaces created by NFT enthusiasts and artists, such as “Justin Aversano’s Twin Flames” and “Takashi Murakami: An Arrow through History.”

Spatial NFT Gallery

Spatial is another service that enables artists, collectors and curators to showcase their works in a virtual space. If you’re more of an enthusiast than a collector, you can check out Spatial NFT galleries created by other Spatial users. Key NFT galleries include “VERSES Gallery,” “Veve Marvel Comics” and “Escape.”

Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA)

The Museum of Crypto Art, or MOCA, is a virtual NFT gallery built on Somnium Space. The museum’s main mission is to “preserve the legacy of crypto artists and serve as an innovation lab for pushing the boundaries of NFTs.” Therefore, MOCA’s NFT gallery aims to be a decentralized and democratized space that will eventually transition to a DAO led by $MOCA token holders

How do I create an NFT gallery in the metaverse?

There are various services available to create your own NFT gallery in the metaverse, catering to different needs and preferences. Free platforms like OnCyber and Kunstmatrix offer a convenient way to get started and explore the world of NFT galleries. For a more elaborate and impressive experience, consider using Spatial. However, these services typically require you to connect your wallet, allowing you to access and curate your digital assets within the chosen platform.

Additionally, you can purchase land in metaverses like Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Voxels. Moreover, once you own the land, you can collaborate with a metaverse builder to design and construct your personalized NFT gallery. This gives you the freedom to curate and exhibit NFT artwork in a space that reflects your vision and preferences.

Final thoughts about NFT galleries

Ultimately, metaverses such as Voxels and Decentraland offer opportunities for brands, curators, and collectors to actively promote the arts by creating their own NFT galleries. Additionally, platforms like OnCyber and Spatial empower individuals to become gallerists themselves, enabling them to curate and exhibit NFTs. By showcasing these digital artworks and sharing them with the virtual community, we not only educate and engage the web3 community but also support the growth of emerging digital artists.

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