Top 10 Crypto Gaming Adventures of 2024 Powered by Blockchain Technology

No one would have that that cryptocurrencies would play an important role in our everyday life. From online payments, saving money and playing in metaverses, we have tons of utility to be explored. One of them is online gaming. But, let’s see what other technologies are there with us. One of those is VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) which is a stepping stone to a brand new world, where anything will be possible. Furthermore, Ai technology, as we’ve witnessed in the last year or so, has been progressing with the speed of light. This promises blockchain based games to have a bright future.

Unveiling the World of Blockchain Games

Blockchain games are based on two main components. Number one is the integration and use of cryptocurrencies for in-game transactions and the other one is the utilization of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the gaming world. NFTs, created by smart contracts and charged by blockchains, are empowering gamers with ownership of unique in-game assets, facilitating trade and interaction within the virtual environment. For example in The Sandbox, The SAND token is used to purchase digital land and is created and traded as NFTs. We can explore other tokens, such as the LAND token that represents virtual land, the Assets token that represents in-game assets, and the Catalysts token that offers one-of-a-kind things that may greatly improve a player’s gameplay experience. Also we can mention the Gems token that provides status and reputation for users.

Regarding security related questions, blockchain games are using smart contracts to make sure the transactions are conducted with predefined terms, so the transactions are with maximized security and speed.

A great example of high security blockchain games are the well known casino games. These platforms offer a diverse variety of games,and you can play casino games anonymously without fear of being manipulated or your personal data stolen.

Without further ado let’s dive into the best blockchain games of 2024.

The Pioneers: Top Blockchain Games of 2024

The Sandbox: A virtual universe fostering user creativity, where players craft and trade digital assets using SAND, LAND, and ASSETS tokens. Players can design and create their own games without having exceptional coding skills and earn tokens by selling their creations or through gameplay.

The Six Dragons: In this game, players embark on a fantasy-themed adventure, exploring a vast world while engaging in battles, crafting, and trading items powered by Enjin Coin.

Star Atlas: This game offers players the chance to delve into an immersive open-world metaverse set in space, built on the Solana network. There are tons of multidimensional play-to-earn mechanics and other fun aspects of the game. Star Atlas is based on two tokens ATLAS used for exchanges and POLIS used as a governance token both available on OKX.

Sorare: Sorare takes a different approach. It decided to revolutionize fantasy sports with blockchain technology, enabling players to collect and trade digital player cards, with ETH as the in-game currency. Blockchain technology makes sure trading cards is an extremely secure process so investing your money is a safe opportunity.

Big Time: In this game players are immersed into multiplayer action RPG, featuring fast-paced combat and crafting mechanics driven by the $BIGTIME Token. Its developers are constantly working on improvements, so many updates are offering unique missions and rewards.

Illuvium:  Illuvium offers an experience of a diverse gaming ecosystem set across alien landscapes, integrating open-world exploration, city-building, and autobattler elements on the Ethereum blockchain. Players have full control over their assets and can use a special market place named IlluviDEX to trade them.

Undead Blocks: For those who want to engage in an adrenaline-fueled multiplayer zombie survival game, while earning ZBUX currency through tournaments and gameplay then Undead Blocks is a game just for them.

9Lives Arena: If you are a fan of PVP games, then this is the game for you. In 9Live Arena, players can test their skills in a 1v1 fantasy PvP arena, where warriors battle for survival, with permadeath adding a strategic layer to gameplay.

Decentraland: If you want to explore a brand new decentralized virtual world, where users buy, develop, and monetize digital real estate using MANA tokens then Decentraland is a game just for you.

Blankos Block Party: In this game, players dive into a vibrant multiplayer universe, where they collect, create, and socialize in a dynamic blockchain-driven environment. This game requires an upgrade on your creativity skills, because the main goal is developing your Blankos.

Glimpse into the Future

Many are still skeptical about this, yet the future looks brighter than ever. Together with blockchain technology, these metaverse online games will take over the gaming sphere. Backed by innovation, Ai, VR, AR and funding, players can truly enter a digital gaming world that is close to their fantasies.