Unleash Creativity: Doodles 2 Pharrell Pack Offers Exclusive Wearables & Beta Access

Doodles 2 storms full speed ahead with the “Pharrell Pack” for all holders! The new pack offers individuals a unique opportunity to express themselves through personalized characters and equipable wearables. Holders access a diverse range of customizable items via the pack. This includes headwear, tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories.


  • Doodles 2 introduces the Pharrell Pack, offering unique wearables for personalized self-expression.
  • Opening a Pharrell Pack grants access to early beta testing and exclusive items for Doodles 2.
  • Users can trade wearables, redeemables, and beta passes on secondary marketplaces like Gaia.

a snapshot of the announcement of Doodles 2 Pharrell pack, shows a doodles box with a smiley face on it.

Doodles 2 Pharrell Pack: Wearables Galore!

Opening a Pharrell Pack not only grants you exclusive wearables and redeemable items but also provides you with a beta pass. This pass ensures early access to Doodles 2. When users open the pack, it securely stores the wearables and redeemables in their Flow wallets. This enables them to participate in buying, selling, and exploring additional Doodles 2 wearables on the Gaia Marketplace.

Note that each Pharrell Pack can only be opened once, ensuring the uniqueness of its contents.

Additionally, every Pharrell Pack includes a redemption certificate. Users may swap the certificate for their very own wearable! The redemption process takes place within a specified window. This claim window spans from 12:00 PM Eastern Time on June 13, 2023, until 11:59 PM Eastern Time on June 22, 2023.

During this time, users can burn their redemption certificate and provide shipping details to receive their physical item.

For those interested in trading their Doodles 2 collectibles, secondary marketplaces like Gaia offer the opportunity to transact with wearables, redeemables, and beta passes using USD and $FLOW. Opening a Pharrell Pack directs you to Gaia. This is where you view your newly acquired wearables.

Doodles 2 Traits

Traits in Doodles 2 have two main aspects: Beta Passes and Wearables.

  • Beta Passes: Beta passes provide exclusive early access to the private beta of Doodles 2. The quantity of these passes is currently limited to 33,000. although this number may change in the future. The purpose of the private beta is to develop features and gather feedback from the early access community.The serialization of each beta pass is based on the order of minting. The beta passes do not possess any unique traits beyond their early access privilege.
  • Wearables: Doodles 2 offers a variety of wearables with different traits:
    1. Position: This refers to the specific body position where a wearable can be worn within Doodles 2.
    2. Set: Each wearable also belongs to a particular collection or set.
    3. Tag: Most wearables are tagged based on their color, though additional tags may be introduced later.
    4. Type: Wearables are grouped probabilistically based on types, such as “Exclusive” or “1 of 1.”

Moreover, these traits add diversity and customization options for users to personalize their Doodles 2 experience.

Doodles 2 is an exciting platform that empowers individuals to express their creativity with unique characters and customizable wearables. With the Pharrell Pack, users can unlock exclusive items and participate in the vibrant marketplace, forging their own digital identity in the world of Doodles 2.

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