Voice x Street Theory Bring Graffiti, Street Art To Web3

street art web3

NFTs have furnished works from creators, builders & some of the best artists we know today. Yet, as society progresses, nothing has evolved quite like art. Regardless of the stigma surrounding graffiti and street art, the works created by those using their surroundings as a medium have resulted in astonishing creations. Recently, the team at Voice has partnered with Street Theory. Their mission? Onboarding 14 of the most inventive contemporary artists into the Web3 space.

street art web3

Dedicated to supporting today’s most prolific street and contemporary artists in Web3

NFT Residency Bringing Street Art To Web3

Co-curated by Liza Quiñonez, co-founder and CEO of Street Theory, and Kesia Ramos, curator and founder of The Art at the Table, this newly founded partnership enables Voice to catapult the work of these street artists into the web3 realm while putting the artist first. Through this NFT residency program, pieces from these artists will live through the blockchain and foster new digital compositions from these brilliant minds. Artists selected for the program include Alice Mizrachi, Sydney James, and Nicole Saglar.

Creations from the Residency collection will be revealed on June 21st at a private event during NFT.NYC at the Edition Hotel. In addition, a portion of the proceeds is to go to the Coalition for the Homeless. As the nation’s oldest service providing help for the homeless for more than 40 years. The Coalition’s life-saving programs bring food, health services, and housing to over 3,000 people each day.

Street Theory

With over 20 years of experience in large-scale public art production & artist management, Street Theory builds communities and global brands through the power of street art and the NFT residency program. As an artist-owned agency, Street theory knows the hurdles artists face in a bureaucratic world. However, through their award-winning creative agency, Street Theory has set true change in motion.

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