What Happened to the Momoguro NFT Collection?

Momoguro, self-advertised as one of the best NFT games, is the latest NFT project put under investigation by its NFT community who claims it’s all a scam. Let’s take a look at what the community is saying.


  • The NFT project Momoguro is under investigation by its community, accused of being a scam.
  • The project claimed to be a revolutionary web3 game backed by Emmy-winning Baobab Studios and Disney, but evidence shows inconsistencies and lack of updates.
  • Team members have been accused of profiting from the project, and the NFT community is working to expose scammers in the space.

Momoguro is a new NFT gaming project accused by its community of being a scam.

What’s the Deal With Momoguro?

Momoguro first launched on social media as a revolutionary web3 game. The RPG’s storyline centers around Momos – fantasy species players can earn, collect, and trade to evolve. According to their official platform, Momoguro is backed by Emmy-winning Baobab Studios, and creators Nico Casavecchia and Martin Allais.

In addition, the project also said the game would grow into a global IP with its own TV show backed by Disney. While Disney is a primary investor in Baobab Studio, it’s not linked to Momoguro in any way, Twitter user @lokithebird points out.

In fact, this is just one of the first things the project’s community accuses Momoguro of.

Twitter screenshot of a nft project investigation

Twitter user wrote a long Twitter thread exposing the project for suspicious activity.

What Does the Community Say About the Game?

According to Loki The Bird, the web3 game has multiple limitations and an overall lower quality than it was advertised. Whenever the project’s community asked details about the game, the founders offered vague answers.

Discord screenshots from Loki The Bird revealed answers such as ‘it’s an NFT RPG game’ or ‘It’s not a click-a-button type of game.’ These answers are even stranger given that it was allegedly already in its beta version.

What’s more, the team published the gameplay video a couple of days after the launch (which is unusual for big studio web3 games). The debut drop launched for 0.22 ETH / piece. Accordingly, Baobab Studios offered only 5% of their revenue for future game development.

Fast-forward to seven months after the launch and the Momoguro team didn’t give any updates on their global IP roadmap. Moreover, the team didn’t offer any updates on its global cross-promotions, marketing strategies, or social media campaigns. Their Twitter feed was scarce, and they kept promising the community that everything would happen soon.

Throughout this time, Momoguro insisted on Baobab Studios’ involvement in the project. However, the NFT community’s investigation revealed that the company only showed up once throughout the project. Even if it were more involved, Baobab Studio has little experience in developing profitable IPs, investigations revealed.


Who Are the Team Members?

Momoguro’s Head of Marketing goes by the username @Inside_Tokens and the Marketing Manager is @Mitchell. Surprisingly, the community’s investigation revealed LinkedIn screenshots of Inside_Tokens bragging about getting $7.6M from the project’s holders.

In the meantime, the Head of Marketing has deleted that part of his profile description:

Twitter screenshot of an investigation on the Momoguro NFT project

One of the project team members mysteriously deleted incriminatory information posted on LinkedIn.

To conclude, this investigation has raised some eyebrows in the NFT space. We await commentary from Momoguru in response to Loki The Bird’s investigation.

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