What Is DragGAN AI Photo Editor & How To Use It?

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on DragGAN AI, the cutting-edge photo editing tool from the Max Planck Institute. This guide delves into the heart of DragGAN AI, an open-source platform that revolutionizes image editing through its AI-driven techniques. Operating on both Windows and Linux, and requiring high-end NVIDIA GPUs, DragGAN AI stands out for its user-friendly interface, making advanced photo manipulation accessible to all skill levels.

Whether you’re a professional looking to streamline your workflow or a hobbyist eager to explore creative editing, this guide covers installation, usage, and a comparison with other editing software, illuminating the unique capabilities and future potential of DragGAN AI.


draggan ai guide poster

What is DragGAN AI?

DragGAN AI is an advanced, open-source photo editing tool developed by the Max Planck Institute. It leverages artificial intelligence to transform and modify images, offering a user-friendly experience even for beginners. The tool operates on Windows and Linux systems and requires 1–8 high-end NVIDIA GPUs with at least 12 GB of memory.

Key features of DragGAN AI include:

  • Drag and place points for precise editing.
  • Flexible picture manipulation techniques.
  • Efficient editing process.
  • Ability to handle challenging scenarios with accurate results.
  • Capabilities for 3D image transformation.

DragGAN AI uses a two-step method with special tech called CNNs to work with photos. First, it figures out the important parts of a picture and then it can make these parts look 3D. This lets you change your photos in cool ways, like moving things around or changing their shapes.

It’s also got some extra tricks up its sleeve. You can change how things pose, make them bigger or smaller, add or take away stuff, and even tweak the background. Plus, you can make entirely new pictures and change shapes without losing their original feel.

How to Install DraGAN AI

To install DragGAN AI, you can follow these steps for the different methods of installation:

For Windows:

  1. Install Required Software: Python, Git, and Nvidia CUDA (specifically CUDA 11.8 for DragGAN).
  2. Download DragGAN:
    • Use the DragGAN installation URL provided on the DragGAN site.
    • Download the draggan_install.zip file.
  3. Install DragGAN:
    • Extract the files from the zip (password: urthebest).
    • Run “DragGan_UI” file to install.
  4. Download DragGAN Model:
    • Get the model from the link provided on DragGAN site.
  5. Execute DragGAN:
    • Open the “DragGan_UI” file and follow on-screen instructions.

For Google Colab:

  1. Access DragGAN AI GitHub Page: Search for “DragGAN AI GitHub” and find the Google Colab link.
  2. Change Runtime Type to GPU: In Google Colab, select “GPU” as the hardware accelerator.
  3. Connect to Runtime: Click “Connect” to execute commands.
  4. Clone DragGAN Repository: Use !git clone https://github.com/XingangPan/DragGAN.git.
  5. Navigate to DragGAN Directory: Use cd /content/DragGAN.
  6. Install Dependencies: Run !pip install -r requirements.txt.
  7. Download Pre-trained Weights: Use !sh scripts/download_model.sh.
  8. Launch DragGAN AI: Run !python /content/DragGAN/visualizer_drag_gradio.py.
  9. Access Interface: Use the link generated to access DragGAN AI interface.

How To Use DragGAN AI

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Using DragGAN AI is pretty straightforward. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Upload Your Picture: Go to the DragGan website and upload the photo you want to edit. This can be any type of image, like a landscape, portrait, or product photo.
  2. Drag and Place Points: In the image, click and move small points to make changes. You can resize things, move them, or change their shape. It’s a flexible way to tweak your picture just how you like it.
  3. Witness Real-Time Changes: As soon as you move a point and release it, DragGan AI updates the picture in real-time. You can instantly see the changes you’ve made.
  4. Fine-Tune as Needed: If you want to adjust your edits further, just keep moving the points around until you’re happy with the result.
  5. Save Your Edited Image: When you’re done editing, hit the Save button. DragGAN AI will save your edited image, and then you can download or share it

Is Draggan AI Tool Free?

Yes, DragGAN AI is free. It’s an open-source tool, which means it’s available for anyone to use without cost. This makes it accessible for a wide range of users, from hobbyists to professionals, who are interested in exploring advanced photo editing using artificial intelligence.

DragGAN Vs Other AI Image Editing Software

DragGAN AI distinguishes itself with its AI-driven approach, particularly in manipulating images through a point-and-drag method. This allows for intuitive and real-time alterations in images, which is especially useful for tasks like changing poses, shapes, and sizes of objects in photos. It offers a unique blend of ease and precision in editing, making it user-friendly for both beginners and professionals.

On the other hand, traditional image editing tools like Photoshop offer a wide range of features for photo editing, graphic design, and digital art. Photoshop is known for its extensive toolset, which includes layers, masks, brushes, and more. It caters to a broad spectrum of needs from simple photo retouching to complex graphic designs and digital paintings.

In summary, while DragGAN AI provides an innovative, AI-powered approach for specific image manipulation tasks, tools like Photoshop offer a more comprehensive suite of features for a broader range of image editing purposes. The choice between them would depend on the specific needs and skills of the user.

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DragGAN Use Cases

DragGAN AI offers several interesting use cases in the realm of image editing:

  • Photo Editing: Enhances and transforms standard photographs.
  • Image Manipulation: Offers flexible manipulation of objects within images, including changes in size, shape, and position.
  • Generating Photorealistic Images: Capable of creating lifelike images from scratch.
  • 3D Image Transformation: Adds a new dimension to image editing by enabling 3D transformations.
  • Creative Artistic Editing: Ideal for artists and designers to experiment and create unique artistic works.

These use cases demonstrate DragGAN AI’s versatility and potential in various image editing and creative scenarios.

Conclusion: DragGAN AI’s True Potential

The potential of DragGAN AI lies in its innovative approach to image editing, leveraging AI to make photo manipulation more intuitive and accessible. Unlike traditional tools that rely on complex toolsets, DragGAN’s point-and-drag method simplifies the process, making it appealing for both novices and professionals. It excels in photorealistic transformations, 3D image manipulation, and creative artistic editing, showcasing its versatility.

As AI continues to evolve, DragGAN could set a new standard in image editing, blending user-friendly interfaces with sophisticated editing capabilities. Its future could see broader applications in fields like graphic design, virtual reality, and interactive media, where its AI-driven approach can offer unprecedented creative freedom and efficiency. This positions DragGAN not just as a tool, but as a harbinger of a new era in digital imaging and design.


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